The Good Perry Net Worth 2019

Who is The Good Perry and what is his net worth 2019? Perry Paris Moise also known as The Good Perry was born on September 21, 1996. The Good Perry is known by many names Burberry Perry, Lil Perry, Perry 24K and TB Perry. Formerly The Good Perry is known as Burberry Perry. Perry was born in Nyack, New York, USA. Perry is an American Rock producer, singer, songwriter, rapper and a recording artist.

Perry in one of his interviews said that he was not allowed to listen to Hip Hop songs when he was young. His parents won’t allow him to listen to Hip Hop. Perry formerly used to call himself Burberry Perry but he changed his name due to a lawsuit that was filed on Perry by a firm for using their name Burberry. Perry changed his name on July 27, 2017.

The Good Perry Net Worth

The 20 year old Perry has already made it to the news due to his hard-work and dedication. At a very young age Perry became a big star. Perry made his career all by himself going against the will of his parents. In one of the interviews, Perry said that his parents were against the Rock music. He was not allowed to listen to Rock music when he was young.

Perry started calling himself Burberry Perry but soon landed himself in a controversy. Perry was sued by the British clothing line Burberry on July 25, 2016 for using their brand name for his own profit. Perry was also sued for the cover artwork of his self-titled EP Burberry Perry. After this huge controversy, Perry changed his name from Burberry Perry to The Good Perry.

Net Worth of The Good Perry

The net worth of The Good Perry is estimated to be $250 thousand. Perry began his career in 2015. He has done some amazing work. His net worth is estimated from the work he has done. Perry has given some amazing work to the industry in these 3 years. Perry has a debut EP. Some of his singles are 1500, Side Piece and Blueberry. Perry just began his career and in these two years he has done really nice work.

Perry was always forbidden from listening to Rock music. Perry’s parents were against rock music. He was dedicated and found his passion in music. Perry in an interview said that he pursued music as his career after listening to “Gone” a song by Kanye West. Perry became really inspired by this song. He then decided to give singing a shot.

Perry became famous with his production in Lil Yachty’s hit debut single “One Night” from his debut mix tape Lil Boat in 2016. The genres Perry works on are Hip Hop and trap. Perry released an EP which is titled The Burberry Perry. This EP was released on May 4, 2016. He self-released the EP. The format of this EP is the Digital Download. Perry also made many singles. He worked as a lead artist in many albums.

He featured in the album The Burberry Perry. This album was released in the year 2015. The singles that were released under this album are “1500” that featured Lil Yachty. Perry also had some non-album singles released in the year 2016. The singles that were released in the year 2016 are “Side Piece”, “June”, “Blueberry” and “Werk”.

Being a part of this industry, The Good Perry has not been nominated or won any award but he made great fame with his mix tape in 2016 “Lil Boat” which featured Lil Yachty.

Perry Paris Moise who is also known by the name The Good Perry is a determined, hard-working and a passionate singer. Perry’s parents forbade him to listen to Rock music. He from a very young age had an inclination towards Rock and Hip Hop. He was passionate about music from the very beginning. Perry worked really hard and made his passion his career. Perry started making money from his passion.

At a very young age Perry has achieved something. Perry is an inspiration to all the youngsters. Perry with a calm head handled the lawsuit that was filed against him. Perry being just 21 years old, behaved quite maturely by changing his stage name. Perry just started with his career; he has a long way to go.