The D.O.C. Net Worth 2018

Who is The D.O.C. and what is his net worth 2018? Tracy Lynn Curry is an American rapper from Dallas. He is well known in the industry for his stage name as, The D.O.C. He is also the member of the group Fila Fresh Crew, hip hop. Later, he joined with gangsta rap group N.W.A. In this group, he wrote first album Eazy Duz It. He has also worked with Dr. Dre and produced his two solo albums. Dr. Dre is the originator of N.W.A.

Early Life

Tracy Lynn Curry was born on 10th June 1968 in Dallas, Texas, USA. His birth name is Tracy Curry and his nickname is Tray. He has a good height of six feet and 4 inches. Tracy Lynn Curry has one sister Tonya. She is currently living in Garland. Earlier, Tracy Lynn Curry was a member of the group Fila Fresh Crew. This is a hip hop group. But in 1988, this group disbanded. After this, Tracy Lynn Curry started his solo career. He joined another group, N.W.A. He wrote many albums songs. He has also worked with Dr. Dre and produced his two solo albums. Dr. Dre is the originator of N.W.A. He released his two solo albums.

The D.O.C. Net Worth


In 1989, he released his first solo album, No One Can Do It Better. This album reached on the number 1 position on the US top billboard. After this, he released another single, It is Funky Enough and The D.O.C. & The Doctor. After five years, this album got platinum.

At the end of 1989, he was almost died in an accident, he was driving his car. In that accident, his larynx was crushed and as a result changes his voice permanently. His melodic way of singing song was gone with verbal dexterity. The doctors also told him that he can never perform same as before. But The D.O.C. continued to work and never stop. Again he worked with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

While he was recovering, he released another two albums. In 1996, he released his new album, Helter Skelter. In 2003, he released another album Deuce. In the time between these albums, he has been working on his fourth album, Voices through Hot Vessels. His voice is not the same as before. Now it is more a skeletal rasp.

The dating life of THE D.O.C. is very attention-grabbing. He has a daughter from his first relationship. Amber is the name of his first daughter and she was born on 25th March 1991. His other girlfriend was Erykah Badu. She is one of the most famous singers. The D.O.C. dated her for many years. But they never married. From his relation with The D.O.C., she had also given birth to a daughter. Puma Curry is the name of their daughter, who was born in 2004. Later, the couple broke up.

Net Worth of The D.O.C.

THE D.O.C.’s estimated net worth is around $2 million. He earned such a huge worth from his musical career. He also performed in some movies which also helped a lot in increasing his Net worth. He has already released his four albums No One Can Do It Better, Helter Skelter, Deuce and Voices through Hot Vessels. All these albums increase his Net worth.

The D.O.C. was working with Dr Dre after his accident. He was working on the Death Row records, but he is not getting any payment. So, in the end of 1994, he left the Death Row and headed towards Atlanta. He had already recorded for the Heltah Skeltah. But the name was given by spite Dre. In 2000, he again performed on the stage along with Dr Dre.

In 2003, he released his third album, Deuce. The D.O.C’s presence on this album is very less in rapping. In 2006, he released his fourth album, entitled Voice Through Hot Vessels. In 2009, it is found that his vocal cords can be repaired and surgically restored by 70 percent. He also believes that, his natural voice can come again, if he concentrates well on it.

The D.O.C. Some of his Studio Albums are:

1. No One Can Do It Better
2. Helter Skelter
3. Deuce

Some of his Films are:

1. We From Dallas
2. Straight Outta Compton

The D.O.C. is a very hard working rapper. He has seen many good and bad times in his life. He even continues his work after an accident. He can even do better in his rapping career, if he regains his original voice. Once on his twitter account, The D.O.C. announced that his voice had returned again. These days, The D.O.C. is recording his new music albums. His plans are still unknown to us.