Tbo Touch Net Worth 2019

Who is Tbo Touch and what is his net worth 2019? Tbo Touch is a rapper and entrepreneur best recognised as DJ Tbo Touch from South Africa. This South African rapper has made immense contribution in the field of rapper business. Tbo Touch was born in Thokoza, in South Africa as Thabo Molefe, but is now better recognised as DJ T’bo Touch. He later got shifted to the Vaal, where he stayed with his family till the age of eight. Tbo Touch is even quite the sportsman and has gained awards in his sports career. In the field of sports, Tbo Touch received the MVP award for golf and also for basketball game.

In year 1999, the rapper felt that it was time to go back home to South Africa, though, the time was not appropriate. Later, he got a job as a bartender at a club named Ecstasy where he was presented to the hip hop life and certain of its many superstars.

Tbo Touch Net Worth

After this, Tbo Touch worked for his next project which was a music class which he left after working for just two months. After ten he decided to follow his original dream, which was to learn marketing courses at NYU. Tbo Touch recognised that he was a born entrepreneur when he was capable to get himself registered at NYU minus the essential academic needs.

Tbo Touch worked as intern at Def Jam records where he ruled the street team in his early career. He broke for campaigns for big names namely Foxy Brown, and Red Man, it was in those time that he encountered DJ Enuf of Hot 97 in one record collection.

Tbo Touch began dating model from Australia and his girlfriend named Nandi Ganda must be quite a catch as the couple go married in year 2014 on private ceremonial.

Education: While in the Vaal, Tbo Touch appeared Kgomotso Primary School till second grade. The rapper’s family then moved shifted to Johannesburg where he pursued his studies at school named Oliver Lodge Primary School. Tbo Touch spent most of his high school years studying at General Smuts High School, but when he reached grade 10, he relocated to New York. He finished his schooling at Bishop Grimes High school in East Syracuse, NYU and has even joined NYU and finished his marketing studies at Bond University.

Net Worth of Tbo Touch

Total net worth of Tbo Touch is around $700 thousand. The income of Tbo Touch comes from his rapper business and also from being a host in many shows, like second season of Flash! and The Metro FM Music Awards, apart from his main career. Tbo Touch even remained as a celebrity guest on the season of Rockville, founded music ventures and Entrepreneurial Club adding to his salary and net-worth figure. Tbo Touch certainly belongs to the most celebrated personalities in South Africa and has correct wealth to it.

Tbo Touch tips ‘R216m’ sports car convoy and he mentioned that he owns Audi TT car. He added that through his first big cheque he purchased an Audi TT as he was tired of a tt car and wanted to buy a different car. Tbo Touch also owns a high-priced mansion in South Africa.

Tbo Touch started music ventures namely 4 Pipes Touch Convoy and Touch Central, making him a business model.

DJ T’bo Touch has been recorded as one of the top 150 national and international personalities in competition of DRUM Magazine’s Drum Darlings. He was best practised in his Consumer and Buyer conduct course and Tbo Touch was one of the initiators of the Entrepreneurial Club.

It was confirmed that from next month, the online digital radio station possessed by former Metro FM DJ Tbo Touch will be retitled as Touch HD.

Just before few days, TMG Entertainment confirmed that radio presenter named Tbo Touch has left Metro FM. In this matter, Tbo Touch mentioned that he pride himself to be reckoned amongst a pronounced team of broadcasters that has adorned this firm.

Tbo Touch is among very few names of South African rappers to reach success in the industry through his distinguished talents. Tbo Tuch’s albums, musical venture and his entrepreneurship all adds to his fame.