Sway Calloway Net Worth

Sway Calloway is an American rapper, reporter and producer for MTV News. Sway is well known for hosting the radio show ‘The Wake-Up Show’ and he was also popularly known as a local rapper and b-boy performer on San Francisco’s Pier 39. Sway is one half of the duo Sway & King Tech. Today, Sway is one of the amazing rappers who is decently known for his profession.

Sway Calloway simply known as Sway was born on July 3, 1970, in Oakland, California. Sway started doing raping since school days and became a locally known rapper in his town. After graduating from high school, Sway hooked up with DJ King Tech and as a duo they performed at different San Francisco Bay Area clubs. The duo became very famous and the popularity of their radio show also helped them to get big recording contracts. He also worked for MTV firstly as a correspondent and later became producer.

Sway Calloway Net Worth 2017-2018

Sway Calloway is 45 years old handsome guy. He is married and has a lovely daughter named Kayoni Calloway.

Sway stared his rapping career at an early age. After collaborating with King Tech, the duo started performing at various places. Before signing with ‘Giant Records’, they released some independent albums. The first album ‘Concrete Jungle’ was released by them in year 1990. This album also helped them to co-host their own radio show on KMEL radio station. The popularity of their radio show ‘The Wake-Up Show’ helped them to get another record deal, this time with ‘Interscope Records’.

The album ‘This or That’ of the duo became one of the major hits of all time. It reached top 30 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and became No. 1 on the ‘Top Heatseekers’. Sway joined MTV network as a correspondent in 2000. In 2005, the duo released another album ‘Back 2 Basics’. Sway also arrived as a guest on the comedy show ‘Short Circuitz’. ‘Sway in the Morning’ on SiriusXM is also hosted by Sway Calloway.

How much is Sway Calloway Net Worth in 2017

Sway is one of the amazingly talented rappers of USA. He has done various albums and has hosted various radio shows and made guest appearances on many shows. Sway has got big success in his life and has earned lot by his profession. Sway has an astonishing net worth of $6 million US dollars as of 2017. The album ‘This or That’ was a huge success for him which helped him to make a lot of money. Sway was also paid handsomely for hosting ‘The Wake-Up Show’ and for making guest appearances on various shows and concerts.

Sway make a choice that he will not renew his agreement with MTV network. But in 2006, Sway came back and signed new agreement with MTV and got chance to produce programming with his duo partner King Tech on MTV. Sway is also an essential section of the MTV Video Music Awards. Sway also worked as the executive producer and brings modern programming ideas on MTV network. In 2012, Sway interviewed Barack Obama on MTV network.