Stormzy Net Worth 2019

Who is Stormzy and what is his net worth 2019? Stormzy, originally known as Michael Omari is a hip-hop and grime MC having Ghanaian heritage. He was born in London, England in 1993. He always had the penchant for music but before entering the musical world, he worked at different places like spa and refinery to make a living. He started rapping at the age of 11.

He had the spark at that young age to compete with experienced and older rappers. Nadia Rose, the nominee of BBC sound of 2017 is her cousin. Stormzy used to participate in the rapping battles organised in the local clubs. He was inspired from the successful rappers like Drake.

Stormzy Net Worth 2018-2019


Stormzy’s debut EP ‘Dreamers Disease’ was independently released in 2014 and relieved lots of appreciation. This EP was released in July and he received the Best Grime Act Award 2014 in the month of October at MOBO Awards. He was a familiar face in the grime world after that. One month later, he released the track ‘I’m Fine’ collaborating with the rappers Shalo and Chip.

Stromzy’s creative contents and hard work helped him secure the number 3 position in BBC’s Introducing top 5 on Radio 1 list in 2015. His released single ‘Know Me From’ in 2015 which was liked by a myriad of UK people and it was soon at the 49th rank on the UK Singles Chart.

Stormzy performed at the ring-walk of the fighter Anthony Joshua in 2015 on a song called Shut Up. This song was also a part of his EP WickedSkengMan 4. This song turned many eyes on the rapper and people began to search the song on the internet. Stormzy’s Shut Up soon entered the top 40 list of iTunes.

Stormzy made all the possible efforts to make his song enter the top 10 list and it happened which was another big moment in his career. After 2015, Stormzy just disappeared from the musical world and social media. He came back in 2017 with a series of campaigns to promote his album Gang Signs & Prayer.

Education: Stormzy received his primary education from Harris Academy South Norwood. He was not good in his studies and was expelled as well due to his poor performance and focus on his academics. He went for an apprenticeship in Leamington Spa before he had the inclination for rapping.

At the young age of 23, Stormzy is already giving a tough competition to many established rapper. He has many popular singles to his credit. He is loved on the social platforms and his songs make people groove. Some of the best songs from Stormzy are –
• Know Me From
• Not That Deep
• 0 to 100
• Shut UP
• 10 Minutes
• Dreamers Disease
• Bad Boys

Net Worth of Stormzy

Stormzy has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million. Stormzy has achieved huge success at the young age of 23. His fame and earnings have been noticed by Forbes after his 2017 album Gang Signs & Prayers secured the number one position in the first week of its release only.

He has many popular singles to his credit and he has made big bucks through them. Dreamers Disease and Shut Up were his highest grossing creations before he released Gang Signs & Prayers this year. His quick success and earnings once made him suffer the unwanted entry of some policemen inside his house this year due to some misunderstandings and he also tweeted about the same.

Stormzy’s Chelsea home is the only asset known publically and that to due to the burgling news that came recently. He has not discussed his properties in any of his interviews or public appearances. But, people know how rich he is tracking his fast success rate.

His Chelsea House burgling was the other buzzing news this year. Stormzy has already seen a lot of ups and downs this year. He has a range of amazing projects and concert list lined up to excite his fans this year.

Stormzy has achieved so much in so little time and that makes him stand out in this immensely competitive industry. He has already impressed millions of people with his unique rapping style and many big celebs like Kanye West have appreciated his works as well.