Southside Net Worth 2018

Who is Southside and what is his net worth 2018? Joshua H. Luellen is known as Southside for a work. The basis to come up his name as Southside is the place from where Luellen grew up, Southside, Atlanta. He was born on 2nd February, 1989. He is also known with his stage name Young Sizzle. He is an American rapper, record producer and songwriter. He has been popular hip hop producer. Southside is well known and also got recognition in the hip hop industry for producing songs for artist across the American hip hop domain.

Southside and his fellow L. Luger established their record production and songwriting team in year 2010. While growing up in the Southside region of Atlanta he was a talented baseball player. He was also excelled in so many baseball positions but eventually he has to give up the sport as he was suffered from concussion when the ball was hit to his head. At the age of fourteen he got a computer from his uncle and then onwards he started making the beats.

Southside Net Worth


Southside was in his mid of teenage when he decided to take music ahead as a career. Southside’s first major release was his song Fuck the Club Up which appeared on Waka Flocka’s debut album in year 2011. He has also co-produced a track from album Watch the Throne. This was the turning point for him and helped him to bring into the typical hip hop scene. Since then Southside has worked with many renowned hip hop artist.

The production style of Southside is bit different. He uses the digital audio workstation along with custom installed VST plugins to compose his beats. Southside is blessed and gives credit to the internet and modern technology particularly to music streaming sites that help him to be connected with his passion for hip hop music and making his own production career possible.

Southside is also known for his strong ethics towards work. Since year 2013 he has also started looking at things from an entrepreneur’s perspective. Cultivating talent while learning the ins and outs of the legalities in the music production business as well as negotiating deals.

Southside was born when her mother is still in high school at her age of 18. His father is Masaba Tyson. He was also a record producer and produced several hip hop acts. Currently, Southside is having four children in which 3 sons and 1 daughter. Sons name is Karmello, Legend, RJ and daughter name is Karlye.

Education: The information on schooling or education of Southside is missing and not available. As far as his schooling days we understood that Southside has been a wonderful player of baseball and knows various techniques to play the game.

Net Worth of Southside

The estimated net worth of the dashing and young American rapper, record producer and songwriter Southside is $2.5 million. Southside is well known for his style in producing hip hop songs. In schooling days Southside was a baseball player and pays the game very nicely. But due to injury he has come out from the sport and looked at the music and finally made it career. His father is also a record producer who has already produced several hip hop arts. Southside has been working with many great artists till the time.

Southside is an American rapper, record producer and a song writer. He has produced several hip hop arts in his unique style. People love to hear Southside music due to his different style and different sound quality as well. His father was also a record producer who already produced several hip hop acts. From year 2014 to 2016 Southside has released five mixtapes.

Southside is an American rapper, record producer and a song writer. At very young age he has understood his passion towards music and made career in it. He is having his own style of producing hip hop arts which is quite different from others.