Slim Thug Net Worth 2018

Who is Slim Thug and what is her net worth 2018? Slim Thug is an American rapper who is also considered as one of the richest rappers in the world. He gained popularity through Still Tippin and his album “already Platinum’ reached thousand of stores in the year 2005. He had released successful albums with a number of hits in them: Already Platinum, boss of the bosses, The Thug show, King and the boss etc.

Early Life

Slim Thug was born on 8th September 1980 in Houston, Texas. His real name is Stayve Jerome Thomas. He is 6’6” ft tall and he gets his fame as Slim Thug through people because he uses to wear cornrows and strange sunglasses.slim Thug spent his teenage wandering on the streets and never thought of his passion but luckily his talents were taken into account by Michael Watts and he started with his Swishahouse 98 as a guest star. He dated his LeToya Luckett and got broke up in the year 2006. He has a son Dreux Jerome Thomas.

Slim Thug Net Worth


Slim His rap career started from his school where he began to rap with his schoolmates. Officially his rap career initiated in the year 1990 with Swishahouse and soon he left it and started distributing his own mixtapes. In the year 2005, Slim Thug came out with big debut album ‘star Trak Entertainment and Interscope Records of which about $130,000 copies in its initial week. Slim released ‘Boyz N Blue’ in 2004, ‘Serve and Collect’ in 2007, ‘Back by Blockular Demand’ in 2008 and in the same year he left ‘Star Trak & Interscope Records’.

In the year 2009, Slim Thug second solo album ‘Boss of All Bosses’ released after his first Gangsta. The same year he appeared on The Daily Show appearing in a skit to discuss the effects of the recession on rich rappers. His third studio album was Tha Thug Show which was released on November 30, 2010.

In the year 2005, he was nominated for the award MTV2 for his ‘still Tippin’, another year in 2006 he won the best R&B Video award for his “Check on It”.

A few weeks back, Slim gave a surprise to his fans throwing another mixtape ‘Welcome 2 Houston’, 2017. This series consists of a number of tunes which are sharing thousand of times on Youtube and SoundCloud.

Slim Thug will be seen in a low budget upcoming film, Monkey in the Hood,2017 written by himself and whose shoot is expected in California.

Net Worth of Slim Thug

He has an estimated net worth of $3 million. His estimated salary from his 2nd album Boss of All Bosses is $32000 in the year 2009 and in 2005 his earnings are estimated to be about $500,000 from his album already platinum. He owns his spectacular fortune holding substantial property holdings, stock investments. Slim Thug deals with very famous cosmetics known as CoverGirl.

Slim owns several restaurants – Fat Slim Thug Burger in U.S. he owns Houston Angels, the football team and has his own vodka brand known by the name Pure Wonder Slim Thug. Not only this much, he owns a top-perfume brand; ‘Slim Thug Seduction’.

With great determination, Slim Thug was able to get the success. He never thought of becoming a rapper instead he always thought his end will be like his brothers, in the jail. He was the rowdy and proud man on his street with his gangs in which his actual talent was lost but one man caught his talent seeing him performing on the street and welcomed him. There is a capability in every one of us, so, never let them hidden by external forces. Try to bring out the real you as you may never know you will be the next lucky like Slim Thug