Slick Rick Net Worth 2018

Who is Slick Rick and what is his net worth 2018? Slick Rick is one of the alternate name of Richard Martin Lloyd Walters, recognised as an American based rapper who was born as British. His other names are Rick The Ruler as well as MC Ricky D. Till now, he has issued four albums namely: The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, The Ruler’s Back, Behind Bars as well as The Art of Storytelling. Net worth of Slick Rick is amassed primarily being a rapper, get further details here:

Early Life

Southwest London region of Mitcham Walters is the place where Slick Rick was born and brought up. He was brought up in an English-Jamaican based family. It is known that he was blinded inside the right eye through broken glass when he was an infant. In year 1976, the rapper and his family have migrated to US, being settled now in The Bronx. He has also majored in career of visual art and Rick encountered Dana Dane. This pair turned as close friends as well as created The Kangol Crew, making performance at school contests, gardens as well as local hole-in-the-wall based clubs.

Slick Rick Net Worth

When he entered 1984 talent showcase, he has met Doug E. Fresh. Awestruck by Rick’s ability, Doug has created him an associate of his Get Fresh Crew (that even encompassed DJs Chill Will as well as Barry Bee).


Rick’s career started during late 1985; he initially attained success inside rap industry after teaming up with Get Fresh Crew by Doug E. Fresh, using a stage name named as MC Ricky D. Moreover, he got presented on a single entitled as “The Show” as well as got fame B-side, “La Di Da Di”, which has presented his rapping works over beatbox of Doug E. Fresh.

These tracks has attained few major attention, they performed on Top of the Pops as well as Soul Train along with Get Fresh Crew. Replicating on a double-sided gem inside Rolling Stone magazine, drummer of Roots as well as bandleader of Tonight Show named Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson stated that Rick’s voice was known as the greatest beautiful stuff to occur to hip-hop based culture. Moreover, Rick is filled of wit, punchlines, cool cadence, melody, confidence as well as style.

In year 1986, Rick has joined Rush Artist Management of Russell Simmons and turned as the third artist who has contracted to Def Jam Records. This record is known as the prominent rap/hip-hop kind of label during that time. Co-operating with some of his friend, he, DJ Vance Wright has produced his solo debut entitled as The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, which originated in year 1988 right on Def Jam. This album was extremely successful, attaining the No. 1 spot on the Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop chart.

In year 1989, his mother named Veronica has hired his first cousin named Mark Plummer, in position of being his bodyguard. By year 1990, it is found that Plummer had turned as a liability, having attempted many times to extract cash from the artist.

Net Worth of Slick Rick

Net worth of Slick Rick is presently estimated to be around $1.2 million. Basically, he earned in million by being an English rapper. He has begun working on his career during late 1983. In year 1988, he has issued his debut album entitled as The Great Adventures of Slick Rick.

Besides, his consequent releases comprise the albums: Behind Bars and The Art of Storytelling, also both of them have hit the Billboard 200 as well as R&B/Hip-Hop charts. The leading conveyed two hits namely, Behind Bars and Sittin’ In My Car, whereas the second provided boost to the Street Talkin single.

Known by many alternate names, Slick Rick is a rapper who has issued four albums till now. Right from 1980s till date, this rapper is an example of how a person can achieve success by consistently delivering the best in the career of rapping.