Skizzy Mars Net Worth

An American rapper Myles Miles aka Skizzy mars was born on July 8, 1993, in Harlem, the New York City, and the United States of America. Skizzy’s parents were both educated and employed. In Manhattan, Skizzy’s father worked as a therapist and mother owned two day cares in the same region.

Skizzy started his career with recording mixtapes. “Phases” his first mixtape released on March 26, 2013, and his second mixtape “pace” on March 4, 2014. His singles “Make sense” and “All say” recorded in the same busy year of 2014. Skizzy released his first debut album “The Red Balloon Project” which hits all the music charts at the top positions. In the US peak billboard 200 charts, the album is placed in 35th position.

Skizzy Mars Net Worth 2017-2018

The album was financially a mountainous success and received very well among his fans and followers. The album established his career as a successful rapper. Skizzy also released four music videos in the consecutive years of 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. Skizzy’s studio album “alone together” released in the year 2016, under the record label PHM placed in the 50th position on the US billboard 200 charts. His albums were featured along with so many top musicians.

Skizzy at the beginning of his career, worked with great rappers like Kanye West to learn experience to be an expertise. He worked on several record labels like APG, PHM and currently signed with Atlantic Records. Skizzy was addicted to the drugs and he tweeted on his twitter page “grow up with the drugs and rapping”. He also attended rehab to recover his mental health and play back to the state of normal life.

Education: Skizzy’s elementary studies were started at St.Bernand’s school in the Harlem and he continued his high studies at the Browning school till the graduation. To graduate as a sports journalist, he attended the Union college. But after ten weeks Skizzy terminated his studies and geared up his rapping career.

Skizzy Mars Net Worth

Skizzy mars total net worth in the year 2017 is $3.5 million US dollars. Skizzy currently earns more than $1 million a year. His first debut album “the red balloon project” increased his financial rate with $70, 0000 earnings. Singing, rapping, song writing and record producing are the various sources of Skizzy’s income. He works hard to earn the huge sum of money at the very young age.

Skizzy mars is a prominent singer through his proven skills. He is also a songwriter, rapper, and a record producer. His first debut album is a huge hit with the revenue of 7, 00,000 dollars and placed in major music charts of US. He participated in too many concerts in the years of 2015 and 2016. He presented his music in breakaway music festival 2016, billboard hot 100 festivals 2016, and coda festival in 2016.

All his albums, music videos, extended play, mixtapes, and singles are available for digital download. The iTunes and SoundCloud account holds the entire package of his albums. Some of his hits are pay for you, do you there, half past three, be lazy, time, all say, hit me harder, I’m ready, cheer up, burn bridges, feel it loud, what it look like, bases, crash, what up girl?, silver Lining and so on. Skizzy Mars mix tapes are phases and pace.

On October 2016, Skizzy mars left to the rehabilitation center. Skizzy attended his first rehab in the month of June and left back in September. But feeling so anxious and hopeless, Skizzy left to the rehab again at the end of October 2016. As he grew up along with illegal usage of drugs, it is probably a critical situation for him in his career. He thanked all his lovable fans for the extended love and care.

Skizzy Mars at the age of 23 passed a lot of obstacles in his life. All his success in his singing career is because of his hard work, dedication, effort, and passion. He recovers from all his bad influences and soon he may start his new career life. Hope his fans wait for more victory from Skizzy Mars.