Sizzla Net Worth 2018

Who is Sizzla and what is his net worth 2018? Who knew that a simple mechanical engineering student would turn out to be a reggae musician and singer? When Sizzla got the opportunity, he grabbed it and became a well known rapper. Sizzla Kalonji was born in Jamaica in a small town called August Town in Kingston. Jamaica is a beautiful island with a very contrasting culture. The history includes stories of rebellions and the music makes you swing and dance.

Early Life

Sizzla was born with a different name. He was Miguel Orlando Collins. He was born in the year 1976 in a family with stern Rastafarian parents. Young Miguel studied mechanical engineering in Dunoon High School. Little did he know what he would pursue as a career when he grows up?

Sizzla Net Worth

During his teen years, he would go to dance halls and that made him interested in reggae genre of music. It was in the early 1980’s when there was a lifestyle change in Jamaica. It was all about guns, drugs and also vulgarity. Young Miguel had adopted Rastafarian faith in his earlier life. He joined the Bob Ashanti in the 90’s. The Bobs (Africans) believe that there should be no oppression or injustice towards humans. For Sizzla, music was the only way to spread his message to the world.

Sizzla had posted a picture of a woman and a small boy few years back. It is still not known whether it was his wife and son. Sizzla does have two sons called Raheim and Meleku (Melek Collins) who are also pursuing music.

The Jamaican Music Genre is called Dancehall and Sizzla is responsible for bringing it back from the dead as it was coming to a near end. He might be an aggressive man in his real life but his music has always conveyed good morals. It uplifts the young black youth and the women.

Net Worth of Sizzla

The popularity he got never got to his head and he has never gone down in quality with his music. He earned a lot of money with the following albums – In Gambia, Don’t Mislead the Youths and Crucial Times. However with new artists coming in his genre, his earnings have gone down. This does not stop Sizzla from releasing new songs. His yearly income today is $400 thousand.

In today’s date, Sizzla’s net worth is $1 Million which is not a joke. At all! Sizzla has 70 singles and we are not even counting the number of albums he has. He started his career in the year 1990 and today he is the one of the most famous Jamaican reggae musician.

Sizzla has given us some amazing songs that make us stop and think. There are many songs by Sizzla that are loved by the audience who appreciates Reggae music. Some of his famous songs are –

• No Other like Jah – Praise Ye Jah
• Praise Ye Jah – Praise Ye Jah
• Thank You Mama – The Overstanding
• Just One of Those Days – Da Real Thing
• Smoking Marijuana – The Overstanding
• Explain to the Almighty

In 2010, Sizzla shifted to Zimbabwe. He left his hometown in Jamaica. He was rewarded a farm in Zimbabwe after he performed at the President’s 86th Birthday. His music has given him enough money over the years. However after the controversies and cancellation of several concerts over the years, he has lost as well.

Sizzla is a known face when it comes to controversies. In 2004, he was banned to enter United Kingdom for doing his show. The LGBT community said that his songs violate the community and he should not enter their nation.

In the year 2008, Sizzla’s visa was cancelled and he could not enter Germany. There have been many protests against Sizzla. He still believes that freedom of expression is his right and he will express his views when he thinks there is injustice. In 2012, his shows were cancelled in Madrid, Belgium, Sweden and many other places.

In the year 2011, he was hit by a bus and the accident was severe. He was riding his motorcycle. However he recovered and he is still alive.

The latest news was of 2016 when the gay community of America was after Sizzla and the reggae community. The gay community was strongly against the reggae community. There were many protests since the year 2008 due to which lot of his shows were cancelled. After he got his visa back, the gay community tried to make his life hell again when he returned for a show in 2016. Sizzla is alive and his music still touches many hearts. However he is the most controversial Jamaican musician.

Sizzla may be the most controversial reggae musician but he has earned a name for himself. His music reaches out to many people and has a message for the world.