Shy Glizzy Net Worth 2019

Who is Shy Glizzy and what is his net worth 2019? Shy Glizzy is an American hip hop artist. He started rapping at the age of 13 and is often compared to the likes of Lil Boosie Eazy-E. He has released several mixtapes since 2011, including Law, Law 2, Young Jefe and Law 3: Now or Never. His debut mixtape was called No Brainer. According to Shy Glizzy he had a rough childhood which is somehow is reflected upon his several of his lyrics.

Shy Glizzy’s hard life in the streets of DC often comes up in his songs. Though very young, he has had fair share of problem with the law, and has been incarnated prior to becoming a rapper. He holds the vulnerable belief that rappers should be truthful about where they come from and what they’ve done there.

Shy Glizzy Net Worth

Early Life

Rapper Shy Glizzy was born in Washington, D.C, in May 1993. He grew up with his mother, grandmother and his younger brother who also raps under the name 3 Glizzy. His father was murdered while he was only 19. During his early 20’s he started a group called Glizzy Gang and his known for his solo album Young Jefe as well as the hit song “Awwsome” from the album. Glizzy gang is a group which includes rappers ‘Plies’, ‘Ant’, ‘Snipe’, ‘3’, and ‘Quette’. The group has released numerous song together, very few of them have released their own singles.


Shy is better known by his stage name Jefe which he changed at the close of 2016. In 2012, Jefe released his mixtape Law in addition to Fxck Rap and ATL rapper Trinidad James appears on the track “Pilot.” The Fader describes Fxck Rap as “an appealingly” eager tape. At the age 14, he was arrested for petty larceny and spent his high school years in and out of juvenile detention. There he started reading the Koran, then daily newspaper, stacks of biography and after all these he started writing rap lyrics.

He never graduated high school and managed to obtain his GED while in prison. According to public records he faced some serious charges of drug possession, gun possession and theft. By the end 2011 he started taking music more seriously. Shy Glizzy issued the Young Jefe mixtape, which not only produced his first big hit with the slurring and infectious but also hint at a future name change of the rapper. A remix of “Awwsome” peaked in the Top 50 of the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart. Some of his notables tracks are called “3Milli,” “Stoner Freestyle,” “No Lie,” and Guns & Roses.”

Net Worth of Shy Glizzy

Shy Glizzy net worth is estimated around $700 thousand. He also gets paid through sponsorship, ads, featuring, and so on. In year 2015-16 his earning through album/songs was around $127,000. These albums include Streets Hottest Youngin, Law, Fly Money, Fxck Rap, Law 2, and Young Jefe. Apart from these earning he earns significant amount of money through endorsements. His latest tape Be Careful is quite successful. But he has also some troubles as he was accused of disorderly conduct in Montgomery Country that somehow affects his earnings and career.

Shy is Kanye-level superstar himself. He is an unsigned artist but showed his talent with his single ”Awwsome” song and put on some remarkable shows. His charisma is radioactive; the dance floor turns into a trampoline. His most of the time is spent in studios, improvising lyrics behind a microphone, finding new way to narrate his life. In short he is a fully loaded package.