Sexxy Lexxy Net Worth 2019

Who is Sexxy Lexxy and what is her net worth 2019? Alexis Smith, professionally known as Sexxy Lexxy was born in October 16, 1990 in Harlem, New York. She is an American actress, singer, model, rapper and television personality. She spent her childhood days in Harlem itself and grew up there. She is well known for her part in the Vh1 show “Love and Hip Hop”.

Sexxy Lexxy has completed her Associates Degree in Communications from the Bergen Community College, New Jersey. According to the channel VH1, she is now pursuing her bachelor’s degree communication from the Montclair State University.

Sexxy Lexxy Net Worth


Sexxy Lexxy started her career in the field of music. In 2010, she joined the Harlem band group BBOD (Bad Bitches On Deck) and is still the lead member of the the band group. The group has four member in total- Sexxy Lexxy, Mis Moe Money, Boss Ladee, and Mona L. However, the two-Mona L and Boss Ladee left the group due to their personal issues. The band is loved by the New York hottest radio stations, namely Power 105 & Hot 97 with special DJ Carmelo, Kast One, Bobby Trends, Clue, Bomb Dropping Flex, ProStyle, Will onto St. Carolina Hot 103.9 radio host H Dub.

Along with Mis Moe, she has released several songs like the ‘Hair Nails & Toes’, ‘Ft T Rex Need Her’, ‘THOT’, ‘One Hell Of A Night’. She had released two of her singles “100 bottles” and “Need Her” in 2016.

She is also on actress of channel VH1 sixth episode of the cast “Love and Hip Hop”.

In 2012, she was seized for shoplifting high quality cosmetics from a CVS. She took some of the cosmetics worth between 2.37 dollars and 15.49 dollars from the store, stashed them in her bag. While leaving, CVS alarm of the store went off and the manager then called the police. Lexxy tried her best to run off from the place but another customer reportedly stood in front of the door of her BMW car so that she could not pull away from the place. However, she managed to run away but by then the manager of the store had come outside and successfully noted down the license plate number. Henceforth she was apparently harassed and racially outlined by one of the store’s employee.

Net Worth of Sexxy Lexxy

The American rapper Sexxy Lexxy earns from her musics and acting. Her net worth and celebrity status had a huge increase when she and her musical partner Miss Moe joined the cast of the reality show ‘Love and Hip Hop’ and it eventually raised to $450 thousand.

Sexxy Lexxy is a marvellous emerging rapper and singer. She not only acquired fame in the music industry but also in the field of acting and modelling as well. Along with that, she is highly educated and doesn’t rely only on her music career. She is also a very hot woman.

She boldly shows her attractive and captivating body in low cut dresses or bras and open stylish jacket. She is fond of wearing bright coloured lipsticks. She also made some attempts in modelling and acting career. She is a lady with full of passion for music, entertainment, expression and creativity. She has strong will power and her dedication will soon transform her dreams into reality.