Sean Paul Net Worth 2019

Who is Sean Paul and what is his net worth 2019? Sean Paul is Jamaican-based singer, rapper, producer, and actor as well. The actor’s discrete voice, attractive rhythms as well as superb production, have remained as the perfect combination for the achievement of Grammy Award winning. Due to all such aspects, Paul can be called as international superstar and net worth of Sean Paul is also high.

Early Life

Sean Paul basically belonged to Kingston, located in Jamaica. It is found that his mother works as a famous painter and his paternal grandfather belonged to a Jewish-based dynasty which migrated from Portugal. Moreover, his paternal grandmother was of Afro-Caribbean origin and his mother belonged to English as well as Chinese Jamaican origin. Though Paul is of Jamaican origin, he was brought up as a Catholic. Several members of his dynasty are swimmers and it is known that his grandfather stayed on the leading Jamaican-based men’s national water polo crew. Similar to his father and grandfather as well, Paul is too a capable swimmer.

Sean Paul Net Worth


Initially, during start of his career, Paul’s manager as well as producer heard for the singer. This was the time when his brother stated him regarding watching somebody at a small event held in Kingston who appeared excessively like the prevalent dancehall DJ. Moreover, Harding finally encountered the singer at the time when Paul approached his studio to inquire for advice.

Throughout the meeting being held, Paul worked to record a vocal over rhythm track by Harding and in the course he made formed the song entitled Baby Girl. Later in year 2002, he started serving well with a crew of choreographers and producers belonging from Toronto. His third album entitled The Trinity was launched in year 2005 which yielded five big hits: “We Be Burnin'”, “Give It Up to Me”, “Ever Blazin'”, “Never Gonna Be the Same” and “Temperature”.

In year 2013, Paul also functioned on his sixth studio album entitled Full Frequency, which was launched in year 2014. The initial single on particular album entitled Other Side of Love, was launched to iTunes in year 2013. It is found that Paul relished a commercial renaissance directly in his career in year 2016 after he was presented on three largely effective famous singles delivered by Australian-based singer named as Sia.

In his career, Paul broke over with “Gimme The Light,” which was actually the leading single derivate from year 2002 album entitled Dutty Rock. The particular album ranked at seventh position on the famous chart- Billboard Hot 100. Moreover, Paul also won his leading GRAMMY in year 2003 and he was also nominated for Best New Artist. Apart from this, Paul also presented his sixth studio album in current year, entitled Full Frequency, presenting guest appearances done by Iggy Azalea, Damian Marley, Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz, etc. Paul is famous as he possesses a top 10 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, as well as No. 1s on the Hot 100: “Get Busy,” for three times.

Discussing about his personal life, in year 2012, Paul got married to his girlfriend- Jodi Stewart, a Jamaican-based TV host. In year 2016, it was proclaimed that Paul and his girlfriend was about to welcome their first child.

Net Worth of Sean Paul

Sean Paul is essentially a Grammy award winning Jamaican-based rapper and reggae artist recording a high net worth of around $14 million. It is known that his other album releases comprised Imperial Blaze, Tomahawk Technique and Full Frequency. Moreover, his Tomahawk Technique based album was selected in the 55th Grammy awards. All such effective album launches were major contributory aspects to Paul’s net worth.

Sean Paul’s hard effort as well as dedication since many years has received him various Grammy even the Billboard Music Award nominations. The achievement of albums released by him and his love for live performances done till now have attained him higher fame.