Scarface Net Worth 2019

Who is Scarface and what is his net worth 2019? Scarface is an American music producer and rapper. He is also a former member of the Geto Boys. As per ‘The Source’s list of top 50 lyricists of all time, Scarface was ranked number 16 in 2012. In 20 years in a row, 1987-2007, in the list of the 50 Greatest MCs of our Time, he was number 10.

Early Life

Surface was born on 9th November 1970. His parents named him Brad Terrence Jordan, but many people know him by his stage name Scarface. His birthplace was Houston, Texas. There are no records regarding his parents or siblings. Scarface went to Woodson Middle School in Houston, Texas. Until 2006, when he converted to Islam, Scarface had been a Christian. He did not further his education after completing his high school.

Scarface Net Worth

According to Scarface, he is a cousin to Johnny Nash who is a singer. Back in the days when he was young, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He did not take the news well to the extent that he tried to commit suicide. He was to achieve that by cutting his wrists. During his youthful days, he committed several drug overdoses too. He has kept his relationship life away from the public domain. No one has an idea of who he is dating except maybe his close friends.


As D.J. Akshun, Scarface started his career when he recorded a solo. A member left a group by the name Geto Boys, and Scarface replaced him. In 1989, the Geto Boys released their second album which was their first since Scarface joined them. They called it ‘Grip It! On That Other Level’. For 1991, there was an album with the Geto Boys and another solo album.

The names were ‘We Can’t Be Stopped’ and ‘Mr. Scarface is Back’ respectively. So was the case in 1993. There was ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ with the Geto Boys and a solo album by the name ‘The World is Yours.’ In 1994, Scarface released ‘The Diary.’ In 1996, the group produced ‘The Resurrection’ and the following year; he had ‘The Untouchable.’ In 2005, the band released ‘The Foundation.’

Between 2002 and 2015, Scarface had solo albums including ‘The Last of a Dying Breed’ in 2000 was one of them. That same year, Scarface became the president and coordinator of Def Jam South. In addition to that, he released ‘The Fix,’ 2002, ‘My Homies Part 2’ for 2006. Others were ‘Made’ 2007, ‘Emeritus’ of 2008 and ‘Deeply Rooted’ in 2015.

Net Worth of Scarface

Scarface has been in the music industry for almost two decades. The earnings have established him financially. Scarface has a net worth of $200 thousand.

Scarface has done well in music both as an individual and in a group. He won the 2001 Source Awards. Scarface is the man behind the career success of Ludacris. He signed him and also boosted his career. He has a single that got gold certified. It was the ‘Smile’ where he featured Johnny P and 2Pac.