Sauce Walka Net Worth 2019

Who is Sauce Walka and what is his net worth 2019? Sauce Walka is a very celebrated American rapper, hip hop artist and music producer. Sauce is one half of the dynamic duo the Sauce Twinz with Sancho Saucy the other half. Sauce Walka’s unorthodox music and energetic delivery is often compared to Young Thug. Walka has appeared in mix tapes of Slim Thug and DJ Holiday. Walka often targets rappers such as Drake, Famous Dex and Future in his mix tapes creating stir in the media.

Early Life

Sauce Walka originally named Albert Walker Mondane was born on June 29, 1990 in Houston, Texas. The recording artist from had a very difficult childhood as his parents were separated. His mother was an addict and he mentioned that in one of his songs. His struggle with addicted mother moulded him into the superstar he is today. His father, a professional wrestle finally took him as custodial parent. He has a brother named Dillon Clemons.

Sauce Walka Net Worth

Sauce Walka had a tough childhood, he spent his life struggling on streets even pimping women in order to make money. He met Sancho Saucy and the two hit it off immediately. They recorded their first song in Diamond cuts studio, Houston. What followed was instant rise of vibrant duo to fame and popularity. His disturbed upbringing can be depicted in his controversial lyrics. The honesty and stubbornness in his lyrics and music makes him different from others.

Sauce Walka along with Sancho used to produce and release top cult music. Their music along with their style and lyrics got popularised. The Sauce Twinz was rather more popular in Houston. Their collaboration with Slim Thug in remix of Yo Gotti’s hit Errbody. This allowed Sauce twinz to get a wider fan base and a worldwide attention.


Sauce Walka has always been in headlines for his controversial lyrics. The truth and sarcasm he portrays had provided him an admiring fan base. Walka is the one who introduced a new slang drippin sauce in the rap game. Walka has spoken about himself in many interviews, and mentioned himself GOD quite sometimes.

Walka and Drake have been in cold war since; Drake broke his promise of getting a remix of “2 Legited 2Quited”. Responding to which, Walka recorded a diss track of Drake’s “Back to Back”, entitled “Wack to Wack”. Both the singers accepts one other as healthy competition and the dispute has passed without any incident.

Walka was nearly sentenced to imprisonment of 40 years, after he was accused of a shooting incident in a charity event. The charity event was hosted by local superstar Trae The Truth. Walka, eventually, managed to escape from this serious punishment.


Sauce Walka rose to fame after their collaboration with Slim Thug. The twinz en-cashed their fame stylishly and released their first mix tape “In Sauce We Trust” in 2014. Sauce Walka’s debut solo release was “Sorry 4 the Sauce” that arrived in first half of 2015. A year later,” Sorry 4 The Sauce 2” was released and Walka was much appreciated for his rapping skills. The song “2 Legited 2Quited”, first major hit of Sauce Twinz was released in 2015.

After the controversy with Drake, the Twinz had released “Sauce Theft Auto” and “Don’t Let the Sauce Fool U” mix tapes both in 2015. The Mix tape was very well received by the audience. Walka was also involved release of Spillin and Splashin compilation.

He collaborated in various projects with some renowned artist. Music Heavyweights like Boosie Badazz, Shy Glizzy, 21 Savage, Philthy Rich , and Lil Yachty all have admired Walka’s work . His first solo release Holy Sauce which drew controversies due to his cover was also an instantaneous hit. On the cover of the album a cartoon image of Walka being crucified with sauce dripping down to Drake and Famous Dex was observed. After the release of the album, unparallel music of the album took centre stage sidelining the controversy.

Net Worth of Sauce Walka

Sauce Walka is estimated to have a net worth of $250 thousand. Walka’s main source of income has been his controversial and hit music charts. Sauce released “Sorry 4 the Sauce” early in is career which made him famous in Texas. The hip hop artist targets Drake in his song by labelling him fake and unreal. The song was picked up by the audience and was an instant hit. Sauce Walka biggest hits in his career has been “The Kid That Did” and “Ring Around the Roses”.

Apart from his controversies, one can always look up to the positives form the life of Sauce Walka. He has started his life from a poverty dominating childhood and now os one of the famous rapper in United States. Walka has seen it all, from struggling for survival to stardom. His will, hard work and never say die attitude is the USP of the singer.