Ronnie DeVoe Net Worth 2019

Who is Ronnie DeVoe and what is his net worth 2019? Born on 17th November 1967 in Boston, Ronnie DeVoe is a musical sensation. He is one of the members of the popular group the New Edition. He is a great singer-rapper and dancer. He has a huge fan following. He is a member of many other groups like the Bell Biv Devoe etc. He also started his recording company called as the Private Line, Inc.

He is a man of dedication, commitment, and hard work. Ronnie DeVoe was introduced to the group New Edition by his uncle, who was also the manager and the choreographer of the group at that time.

Ronnie DeVoe Net Worth

He married Sharmari Fears in the year 2006. His wife was once the member of the girl group Blaque. Ronnie is not having any kids. He has four siblings. He has been in the group New Edition since 1987. His mother could not believe the fact that Ronnie joined a dance and music group New Edition by the efforts of his uncle. She did not know that Ronnie can dance also.

Net Worth of Ronnie DeVoe

Ronnie De Veo net worth is $650 thousand. Starting his career with the group New Edition, he is today one of the best singers and rappers. He is a member of many other groups also. He started his recording company, and now he focuses on his individual career and not as a part of the group. The net worth of this famous personality is expected to increase many folds in the coming years. He is doing a great work and has conquered the minds and hearts of his fans all over the world.

Ronnie DeVoe owns a luxury house in Massachusetts, which he bought in the year 2014. The house is worth $1.1 million. He also owns many cars. The collection is simple yet luxurious. He owns cars of brands like Aston Martin and Acura etc.

He started his career with the group New Edition and then formed another group called the Bell Biv DeVoe. He also started his recording company. He has a passion for music and dance. He is a great rapper and a pop singer. He is also the co-owner of a real estate agency in Atlanta.

He is a multi-talented person who works with commitment and meets all the expectations of his fans. He will continue doing great work in the coming years as well. He might join many other agencies or start a new company or group in the coming years.

He along with his group gave many hits. Poison was one of the biggest hits of the group. Many other works include Hootie Mack in the year 1993, the album Home Again, BBD album in the year 2001 and Three Stripes, which was the fourth album of the group Bell Biv DeVoe. He still works and records with New Edition and the Bell Biv DeVoe groups and is also the co-owner of a real estate agency in the Atlanta.

The other works are Candy Girl in 1983, All for Love in 1985, Under the Blue Moon in 1986, Home Again in 1996 and On eLove in the year 2004 to name a few. Can you stand the rain is another song in the list of works done by this great rapper and singer.

Ronnie is a very famous and talented rapper and singer. He is a musical sensation. He has a huge fan following and works with many groups. Other than music, he is also the co-owner of a real estate agency. He is one of the best singer and rappers in the world. He gained so much in such a small span of time.

He still has a long way to go and do a lot many good movies. Hope to hear many greatest hits from the singer.