Rocaine Net Worth, Career, Assets, Biography & Family

Rocaine is a young and talented American hip hop artist. Rocaine was born on February 1, 1999 in Detroit, Michigan and he is now a famous rapper in America. Initially Rocaine made a name for himself after launching his mixtape entitled The Movie which comprised single Hard Body. After year 2014, this rapper-Rocaine has released a number of singles, containing prevalent 44, Check, and Chicken on which he cooperated with Chief Keef.

Before few years, Rocaine was shot as a consequence of a fight which intricate rapper Pablo Skywalkin. The fight occurred due to some reason, one of them could be by their differences and right after which many gunshots were heard. Due to this incident, Rocaine ended with two shots in a hospital itself while he was being treated. Rocaine with this rapper got linked up and solved out their differences. Immediately after the fight was finished, gunshot voice sounded continuous to people. After the incident, Rocaine posted a video from the hospital appealing he was all right now. Rocaine can be found on both Twitter as well as Periscope by a name of BoobieLil. In year 2016, he got affiliated to Glo Gang and the group Stunthard Hotboyz who launched their mixtape entitled Dopeman.

Rocaine Net Worth 2017-2018

Tracks namely Trap & Fast Break have made more than 500,000 views featuring Rocaine. Rocaine had even drawn the attention of deceased rapper named Dex Osama, who rose to glory in year 2015.

Education: Rocaine has completed school education from Michigan. Due to his early passion for music and singing, Rocaine got diverted to this field and abandoned his education.

Rocaine Net Worth in year 2017 is approximately $0.9 Million US Dollars

The estimated total net worth of Rocaine is around $0.9 million US dollars in year 2017. The total net worth and remunerations of Rocaine have been made from his hip hop recording business, his recording business, singing, his brand endorsements, business deals, etc. There is no shadow of doubt that Rocaine is talented and his singing will earn him more money in the near future. His fans suggest that this will be surely possible if he would be more cautious and stay out of troubles.

Rocaine Assets

Rocaine owns a lavish house located in Michigan bought at convenient high price.

Rocaine Business Model

Rocaine got collaborated with Chief Keef collaborated on a single entitled Chicken Chicken, making him a business model.

Chief Keef has been keen in his task to put an attention on the D’s hip hop scene. Sosa lately declared the signing of recent Midwest act with Rocaine. This Detroit rapper has been earning a name as rapper on the underground level with the launch of several music videos that have made more than hundred thousand views each. Sosa also made the contract of Rocaine official after taking him to Los Angeles to film that music video for their latest single entitled Chicken Chicken.

Rocaine is searching to uncheck a wave of terror on the rap game apart from his usual singing business. This Detroit gangster rapper got active to Twitter to declare that he was launching his personal Isis. Through Isis, Rocaine will be more active in his rapper business than before.

In year 2016 Rocaine was shot for two times after a clash with a fellow Detroit rapper named Pablo Skywalkin. Also in year 2015, many threats were swapped among the two rappers.

Rocaine’s newly streamed Sosa’s “War” was recorded on IG Live before few days. Rocaine teased fans who interrogated him on his choice of music. Also the rapper lately affronted both Glo Gang and OTF throughout an IG Live session.

Rocaine made appearance to be the star Detroit rapper on Sosa’s roster and Sosa did a guest appearance in the underground hit record named-Chicken Chicken. Rocaine is not leasing up on Glo Gang and he is now focusing his attention for OTF.

Rocaine has been gradually making a name for himself in the industry. Rocaine is among few rappers who are gradually climbing stairs of success at a very young age. Till date, Rocaine has released many albums, mixtapes and songs, it is predicted that he will continue to do so in coming years.