Riky Rick Net Worth

Who is Riky Rick? What is net worth of Riky Rick? Riky Rick is a south African-born rapper. Riky was born on July 20, 1987, which makes him 29 years old. He has changed a lot of name during his professional career. He was known as Boss Zonke, which was his stage name but he changed it to King Kotini. His original name is Rikhado Makhado.

There is no information about his parents as rapper never revealed it but He has a family, though. He is married to Bianca and they never stay with their parents as they parent were divorced. Riky accepted Bianca’s child from here the previous relationship which surely his broad-minded behavior.

Riky Rick Net Worth 2017-2018

Education: Riky Rick was originally born in KwaMashu, South Africa but he was raised in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa because of his parents separating away. He completed his schooling from a local school in his town. He then moved on to AFDA which is a university kind education institute which helps new singers and other artists to master skills. AFDA helped Riky to learn Vocals. He then moved to The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live where he was given an opportunity to perform in front of live audience and made him look like a complete rapper.

Riky Rick Net Worth

Riky Rick is one of the respected rappers in the entire south Africa and he is also regarded to be one of the highest earning rappers in Africa. His total net worth is calculated to be around $0.2 million US Dollars as of 2017. His source of income is through his albums and few endorsement within the country. His debut record Family Values got a lot of fame for the rapper and it was an opening for him in the industry. He sealed many contract signing with many record companies.

Riky Rick Assets

Riky Rick is one of the richest rappers in the entire South Africa. He owns an Apartment in his hometown where he lives peacefully. He also owns many seaside houses. He has a brand endorsement with the Rolex and he is a proud partner of the brand. He is also part of endorsements with footwear companies like Nike and other local companies. It was also revealed that he has a fast car which is very worthy but yet it went unrevealed. No doubt of his assets that he is a rich rapper.

Riky Rick Business Model

Riky Rick is a great rapper but apart from just being a rapper, he is also a songwriter, a record producer. He has affiliated himself with the record production companies and he also held his personal record company called Makhado Makhado Agency which was also known as Mabala Noise and Motif Records. He has his own style and clothing company which usually sells his clothes and clothes that he wore in his albums. His associate act along with other rappers like Kid X, DJ Speedsta, Heavy K and others are also famous. He also owns his personal website rikyrickworld.com where his tracks and clothing are available.

Riky Rick had a rough childhood. His parents separated from each other when he was young. He was raised by her mother. Even in the school, he had lots of problem with other children who bullied him. His mother passed away when he was graduating and time was upon him. But the 29 years old strong will rapper didn’t give up on his dreams, he married to a beautiful lady and has a son. His debut album was a big hit and it got a lot of fame for the rapper.

Riky Rick in an interview revealed that he is likely to get more production offers from many American record companies and may be he will try to affiliate his record company with other companies too. He also revealed that soon he will be coming with a new album at the end of 2017.

Riky Rick is one of the rappers to watch out for because he made his debut in the year 2015 and got himself famous just by a single album hit. This rapper will surely go places and there is a lot to watch out fo him. We hope he will live up to our expectation and come out with few more hit albums.