Wiley Net Worth 2018

Who is Wiley and what is his net worth 2018? Richard Cowie, better known as Wiley was born in Bow, East London in 1979. He has known also as Wiley Kat in his early career. He is English songwriter, rapper, record producer and DJ. His first success was with UK garage crew with whom he had top hit “Champagne Dance” in 2001. In the beginning of the new millennium, he released influential eskibeat instrumentals for the series “Eskimo” and became one of the first grime MCs both with his crew Roll Deep and for his solo work.

He continued to make grime while in the same time he released mainstream singles such as “Never Be Your Woman” and “Wearing My Rolex” and his number one hit “Heatwave”. He was referred as the godfather of grind and pioneer of English underground scene with versatile music hits. He also turned down around the million dollars for Celebrity Big Brother.

Wiley Net Worth

When he was a teenager he featured on various pirate radio stations. In 2000 he joined The Ladies Hit Squad, a garage crew with his friends and they achieved success in the UK, however, soon he decided to make super crew by combining with a rival crew.


In 2001 he began producing singles for his label such as “Eskimo” and others. He made a deal with XL Recording. After three years he released his first album “Treddin’ on Thin Ice” for XL Recordings. He was compared by critics with Dizzee Rascal. The Guardian noted that his music is full of experimentation and filled with motivation lyrics. At this time he referred his music as “ski beat” and he released mixtapes under the name of “Eskiboy”. The reason for that is cold emotion from his songs so he wanted to rename his entire style into one particular name. However, he didn’t make it because the music he made and played was later named grime.

Finally, he agreed to make album “Playtime is over”. This album featured hit singles that affected his net worth; however, some of his old fans were not satisfied because he went into a mainstream.

In 2006 he released his second album with 20 tracks merged and with different bonus tracks. In this album, he made his own style even better. Soon afterward he released his fourth album which was described as a combination of bass heavy rhythms and harsh instrumentals.

He founded his own label and made another album “Race Against Time” eight months after his previous album. He made hit single “Too Many Man” With Boy Better Know as a guest.

In 2010 he released free download zip files with more than 200 his unreleased track including those from his next album. He released “Offload Volume 01” on iTunes without any physical release and he didn’t make any success because the album had tracks from his zip file. In 2011 he released in the same time underground instrumental album and a top album that broke into a number 76.

In 2012 he released his studio album “Evolve or Be Extinct” for his 33rd birthday. It became number 86 on UK Album Chart. In the summer he released his single “Heatwave” for British radio and song received major radio play. In the first few days, it got more than 2 million hits. It became his first number 1 hit and he sold more than 100,000 copies.

In 2014 he recorded his tenth album “Snakes and Ladders” which made a huge impact on today’s music industry. Lately, he released his eleventh album named “Godfather”.

Net Worth of Wiley

He always had a great presence on grime scene and he influenced lots of newcomers. He was one of the greatest factors in his early career for Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Stryder. He assembled a group called A-List with seven members and they made lots of hits such as “Make My Own Money”. He is also one of the greatest grime artists with eleven records in his pocket and many great projects to come. Surely he is one of the greatest artists in the 21st century with his perfect sense for hit and great underground songs.