Rakim Net Worth

Rakim is a world famous American rapper. He is considered as one of the most skilled and influential MCs around the world. He has many super hit raps under his name. Rakim was interested in rapping since his childhood. He used to write songs and showcase them in front of his friends. He recorded his first rap song in the age of 18, in 1985. This was the start for Rakim as a rapper. He was then known as Kid Wizard. After that Rakim got incredible success, and the fame started gathering with his name.

William Michael Griffin Jr., mostly known by his stage name RAKIM, was born on 28th January 1967. The place of his birth is Wyandanch, Long Island, New York, United States. Wyandanch is the only place where he recorded his first ever live song, at the age of 18. Rakim had other pseudonyms like Kid Wizard, The God MC and Rakim Allah.

Rakim Net Worth 2017-2018

He did his schooling in his hometown Wyandanch till highschool. He was initially influenced by an African American political and religious movement called NATION Of ISLAM, then he got interested in another movement named NATION OF GODS AND EARTHS, thus it can be considered as one of the main reasons why he chose his pseudonym as Rakim Allah. Presently he is 50 years old and is considered as one of the most listened rapper around the world.

Rakim at the age of 18 started his career as a rapper and then looked back. Rakim hasn’t publically announced about any of his affairs or dating scenes neither he has declared the name of his wife. But some of the sources say that Rakim has two children named Destiny (Daughter) and Jabar (Son) and some of the sources claim that Rakim is still single and is looking for his soulmate.

Although Rakim has never slipped any of these in front of any media source. The only fact known about Rakim’s family is that he is the nephew of a great R&B singer and actress Ruth Brown. Rakim is quite self-indulgent he loves his work and keeps himself busy and spends the remaining time planning and performing Road trips. He is fond of traveling and exploring new places. He has a personal diary in which he writes his experiences before-after and during the trip.

His career started in his hometown Wyandanch in 1985. He eventually tied up with Eric B. in the same year. They remained in the duo for eight long years and gave four studio album to the world of music. This pair was considered as one of the top DJ and MC pairs around the world.

Their songs ranked top in the lists given by the music Channel’s music charts. He started his solo performances from year 1993 and later his solo songs also became popular. His first solo song The 18th Letter, went the rank fourth of the Billboard 200, and got certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). He came up with many hits and most favourite songs in the upcoming years of his career.

He has a very dynamic career, almost every other song from Rakim went on a great hit. He played solo till year 2015, he again reunited with Eric B. in year 2016. They started tour in different cities of the world and announced that they will soon bring up two more duo albums in the market on the demand of their fans.

How much is Rakim Net Worth in 2017

Rakim’s Net-worth for year 2017 is accounted as $2.5 million US dollars. His second album with Eric B. went on 5,00,000 copies sold during it’s initial release dates and was rated gold by RIAA. His other albums also sold over a million copies all over the world, along with this Rakim’s solo song The Seventh Seal also gathered great popularity and sold many copies. His other hip hop songs and raps made his popularity quotient to increase exponentially.

Thus all this is undoubtedly the sources of his net worth. Rakim in person is very generous and a man of faith. He believes in God and his plan of action for every creature. Thus he is not in the race like others MCs and DJs in the same field. He is a self satisfied and nice person.