Professor Griff Net Worth 2019

Who is Professor Griff? What is net worth of Professor Griff? Richard Griffin is one of the famous American rappers of all time. Born on August 1 in the year of 1969, the rapper has a great story of success, failure and struggle to share. Richard Griffin is popular by his stage name Professor Griff. Griff is an American rapper, lecturer, and spoken word artist. Griff is one of the members of the popular hip-hop group Public Enemy. He also leads Security of the First World as the head of the group. If you are looking for the net worth and personal life & Career of the Professor Griff then you are at the right place, my friend. Keep reading if you are a curious fan of this American artist.

Life Story of Professor Griffin

The artist has served in the Army before being a successful personality in the music industry. After completion of his tenure in the army, to work the local party circuit Griff started a security service and called it Unity Force. When Public Enemy came into existence Ridenhour invited Griffin to be his sideman. Unity Force was later renamed to “The Security of the First World”, and became popular as S1W for short. The S1Ws were popular on its own as they are a curious combination of dancers-bodyguards for the band. A loose combination of military drill, martial arts and “step show” dances was their specialty.

Professor Griff Net Worth 2017-2018

Professor Griff gave many interviews to various UK magazines on behalf of Public Enemy. It was all happened before the release of It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. During these interviews, the Rapper made the homophobic and anti-Semitic remark. This was not a single controversy of his life as when he was interviewed by the Washington Times Griffin made strong statements. After the interview was published, a firestorm emerged in the media and the band Public Enemy become a part of a huge controversy.

In an attempt to handle the situation, Ridenhour himself expressed an apology for him and soon after that fired Griffin from the band. Griffin reply to the group caused anger and more protests This forced Ridenhour to briefly break up the group. When Public Enemy was reformed which due to more attention from the press and pressure from Def Jam but in this new band Professor Griffin was no longer playing any part. After his meeting with the National Holocaust Student Organization in 1990, Professor Griffin later publicly expressed shame and guilt for his statements.

Hw wrote his own book in 2009, Analytixz. In this book, Griff once again admitted the faults in the statement which he made in 1989. Griff also claimed that it was not his words and was a recording. But as of now, the recording was never released to the public for a fair listen.

Professor Griff Net Worth

Professor Griff is an American rapper known as the old member of the famous hip-hop group Public Enemy. The net worth of Professor Griff which is $5.5 million US dollars as of 2017. He is active on microblogging websites and known for his Pan-African ideology. He is one of the controversial figures of the American rapping industry and claims to teach Illuminati with his lectures. His video lectures are also available on the internet.

Griffin supports what’s been done so far form of focusing on Africa and its people. After his departure from Public Enemy didn’t wait for too long. He was back with a bang!! and formed his own group, the Last Asiatic Disciples. Griffin’s collections of songs/books were of an Islamic and focusing on Africa and its people style, combined with more word.

Professor Griffin has formed a group and named it “the Last Asiatic Disciples” soon after leaving the very popular group the Public Enemy, The artist is also known as a member of the Nation of Islam. Professor Griff’s discography includes five studio and it begins with Pawns in the Game from 1990. He is enjoying a different fan following and a little is known about its personal life and childhood. For more, you must read his book. The latest addition to his portfolio is “And The Word Became Flesh” which was released in 2001.