Professor Green Net Worth 2019

Who is Professor Green and what is his net worth 2019? Born as Stephen Paul Manderson on 27th November 1983, Professor Green is a well-known rapper who became famous with the launch of his debut album “Alive Till I’m Dead”. He is presently signed to the Virgin Records. However, it was never easy for Green to reach such fame. He was raised by his grandmother in Hackney, East London and it was a difficult thing for the Professor Green to learn rap.

He started performing as a rapper at a young age while competing in a freestyle battle at a local bar. Along with winning that battle, he went on to win many other competitions. Mike Skinner gets impressed by her performance at the B-Boy Championships in Brixton and he offered him a production offer. Green’s first mixtape came in 2006 and named as Lecture #1. The most interesting thing about the Professor Green is that he is a former drug dealer.

Professor Green Net Worth

Green’s parents were still in their teenage when he born and they get separated shortly after his birth. He doesn’t have a good relationship with his father, Peter Manderson who committed suicide in 2008. He even wrote about this suicide in one of his albums. However, his family wasn’t pleased about this.

He stated in his interviews that the harsh childhood is the major reason for his extreme anger. He married to Millie Mackintosh on 10 September 2013. However, it doesn’t last long and they got separated on 20 February 2016. Presently, he is in a relationship with Fae Williams.

Net Worth of Professor Green

The Professor Green net worth is $4 million. It is almost 40% more when compared to the previous year. The net worth of Professor Green has grown significantly over the years as per the various resources. He has yearly earnings of around $1.5 million from the rapping that is a major reason for his increasing net worth. Along with music, he has many other works that help him in living a lavishing lifestyle. He launched his own clothing line in a partnership with Puma in 2012.

Professor Green owns a beautiful house in the London city. The best part of his house is a snazzy kitchen that has a modern design and world-class machinery. There is a beautiful whiskey cabinet in his living room where one can see many different varieties of whiskeys. He owns a Mercedes 300SL which is a vintage car.

As we stated above, the majority of the Green’s earning come from his rapping career. Along with that, he had featured in many TV shows such as Lip Sync Battle UK, and Drive (2016 TV series). He had also published his autobiography Lucky in 2015. Professor Green had also worked as a featured artist in many songs, such as In the Air, Top of the World and Game Over. Professor Green is a multi-talented person who also does songwriting, acting, and singing.

Till now, the Professor Green has launched many albums and one mixtape. Some of the best albums of Professor Green are At Your Inconvenience, Growing Up in Public, and Alive Till I’m Dead. Additionally, he had also sung many hit singles such as Just Be Good to Green, I Need You Tonight, Never Be a Right and Remedy.

This rapper still has a lot to achieve in his life. In spite of his disastrous childhood, he went on to become one of the most successful rappers in the world.