PnB Rock Net Worth 2019

Who is PnB Rock and what is his net worth 2019? PnB Rock is an American singer and rapper, though he is popular by his stage name, but his real name is Rakim Hasheem Allen. PnB Rock is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you are a fan of PnB and you are wondering how he got his stage name then you should know that his stage name is basically acronym of the street corner name near which he grew up in Germantown neighbourhood of Philadelphia.

Early Life

Born as Rakim Allen has seen both bad as well as good phase in his life. He wasn’t always popular and rich. During his childhood, he and his family had to move in and out of shelters. His family consisted of four siblings and a single mother. In an interview last year, he disclosed that though he didn’t had everything that he wanted, but at that time too he was famous in his class as the class clown. During his teenage period, he claimed that he was cool in his group and had relationships with a number of girls. He also had a criminal record against him. He entered the criminal world after his uncle who was a father-figure to him got killed when he was 15. After four years, he was tried and sentenced 33 months of prison time.

PnB Rock Net Worth

If you think that PnB had a thing for music in his childhood time then you are wrong. He himself once admitted that he thought that he couldn’t sing. However, while he was in jail he discovered his talent for music and started writing songs while he was in prison. Most of the tracks which he wrote inside the prison were inspired by the hardship and struggle of PnB’s childhood.


World encountered his talent first time via #TBH posts, which was a viral trend a few years back. In 2014, his first track “Weekend Baby” was launched which was made with PnB’s neighbourhood friend. After that, he launched two other mixtapes. However, when he started getting popular for his singing talent, he had to return behind the bars because of violating probation.

The arrest wasn’t that bad for his career. His fans started Campaign #FreePnBRock on social media which made him more popular. After that everything started going well for PnB and now he is a well-known artist with a huge fan following.

There was only one woman in his life who he loved with all his heart. Most of his romantic song writings are inspired by the same woman. However, his relationship with that woman didn’t last long. They split in the year of 2009. He has a two-year-old daughter Milan. His name is currently being linked with a 15-year-old girl. His alleged girlfriend was born in 2000. If you weren’t earlier then for sure you must be interested in his love life now.

Net Worth of PnB Rock

PnB’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand. He sings R&B and Hip hop genre songs and is currently signed by Atlantic records. Most of his wealth is made from his singing career.

He has a daughter Milan. Not many of his fans are aware of the fact that he never completed his graduation. His early life involvement in criminal activities and unfortunate passing of his father-figure uncle left him shattered which harmed his studies a lot.

If you haven’t heard PnB songs and if you think that all his songs are about candy and flowers then you are wrong. His path to becoming a singer wasn’t laid with flowers. He struggled a lot and identified his talent after going through a lot. He was even propelled to lead a life of criminal because of some unfortunate events in his life and hardship that he saw in his childhood. At a tender age of 13, he was sent to one of the youth detention programs for fighting and committing robberies in school.

If you haven’t heard his songs and if you have a thing for R&B or Hip hop genre then for sure you must listen to some of his songs in order to understand the depth of his work and sheer dedication.