Playboi Carti Net Worth 2018

Who is Playboi Carti and what is his net worth 2018? Jordan Carler or Playboi Carti is a well-known rapper who was born on September 13th, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. Playboi Carti has surprised the world with his brilliant songs till now and people are in shock that the guy has managed to gain a lot of fame and name in a very early age. The rapper became famous with his two singles named “Fetti” and “broke boi”, these two singles did the magic for him and made him popular among several people. The singer has signed with two big banners named A$AP records and Awful records.

In his short career, he hasn’t released a mixtape till now and has managed to attract an audience with his singles only. His fan released a mixtape named The Carti which contained the collection of 45 singles of Playboi. There is a great news for all his fans that he is going to release his new mixtape named Cash Carli.

Playboi Carti Net Worth

He covers lots of places during his musical tours. He got very famous among people as his singles are available all over the web, at YouTube, at Spotify, at Pandora, and at various other websites. He started his music career just 3 years back i.e. in 2014. And in these 3 years, he has managed to gain lots of audience for him.

People want to know that how much he has earned his living so far, what is his annual salary and what is the other sources of his income. To give an answer to those people, we need to dig more information regarding his net worth and other facts, so let’s move deep into his life.

Net Worth of Playboi Carti

The rapper has just marked his name in the industry and has just spent 3 years in the music industry. Though he has been able to make a good amount of money with his singles, yet he has been unable to find any brand endorsements for himself thus the only scope of his earnings is with the singles he releases. The annual income that he carries now is around $100 thousand and he has just completed 3 years in the industry.

The net worth that Playboi Carti is having right now is $500 thousand. The net worth that he is carrying right now is not bad at all as with the amount of talent he carries, he would make a lot of money in coming years as soon he starts releasing his mixtapes. It is also possible that the star will soon be getting various brand endorsements which will add on to his net worth. Thus, we can see a rapid increase in his net worth in coming years.

The star has just started to build pace in his career and thus hasn’t managed to make a lot of money till now. And the net worth that he is carrying right now is around $500 thousand which is not bad for any star with an experience of just 3 years in the industry. Though we know that all the rappers love to live a luxurious life, but with the income that he is getting, it is near to impossible to avail any kind of luxury unless he takes some loans for it.

All the luxurious cars are very expensive and he has to pay a lot of money from his net worth if he wants to buy a car which would be very difficult for him. Thus, there isn’t any car listed on his name so far and as we know that the prices of properties are getting really high, it is impossible for him to buy a house with a net worth of just $500,000. And he hasn’t been able to buy certain other luxurious assets with this net worth till now.

This was everything about the young rapper Playboi Carti, though there isn’t much information available about him, but with the release of his new mixtape in the future, he will become more popular among people and not only he will be available all over the web, but he will also make lots of money for him as well.