Peewee Longway Net Worth

Who is Peewee Longway and what is his net worth 2018? The Georgian rapper is best known for his mix-tape, ‘The Blue M&M’ and his single ‘Loaded’ which he sang in collaboration with Young Thug. He is also known for being a member of rap group named ‘Felix Brothers’ with Young Dolph and Gucci Mane. In mid 2014 the group released their first project together. Longway has been appreciated by legendary rappers like LL Cool J, who praised him on his unique and unconventional approach towards rapping. The ‘Do It for the Hood’ singer released two mix tapes along with his first studio album last year with included ‘Money, Pounds, Ammunition Vol. 3’, ‘Longway Sinatra’ and ‘Mr. Blue Benjamin’.

Quincy Lamont Williams was born in 1984, on 17th August in Georgia, United States. His uncle, who was a member of Brick Squad ‘Cold Blooded Da Don’, helped him in his rapping career by introducing him to Gucci Mane, who is the founder of 1017 Records.

Peewee Longway Net Worth 2018-2019

Education: Peewee was raised and schooled in Georgia, in his birth town Atlanta. He gained his interest in rapping by listening to his local neighbours’ rap battle.

Career: Peewee started to gain relevance in the music industry since early 2013. In 2013 with his mix-tape release ‘Money, Pounds, Ammunition’, turned out to be the breakthrough in his career. Success of this hit followed the release of his two more mix-tapes, in 2013; ‘Running around the Lobby’ and ‘Lobby Runners’. Some of his other mix-tape include ‘Blue M&M’, ‘World War 3D: The White Album’, ‘Felix Brothers’, ‘Blue M&M Vol. II: King Size’, ‘Money , Pounds, Ammunition Vol. 2’, ‘Money , Pounds, Ammunition Vol. 3’ and ‘Longway Sinatra’.

The rapper released his first studio album in 2016 which was titled ‘Mr. Blue Benjamin’ with ‘MPA BandCamp’ his own record label.

Peewee founded MBA Band Camp in 2014, which is an independent music distribution and record label. The company has led several rappers including MPA Fatt Boy, MPA Turk, MPA Yikes, MPA Finesse, MPA Spud, Gambina, Super Producer Y.D.G and many more.

Peewee Longway Net Worth

Longway has net worth of over $1 million alone from his music. Apart from his music career, he has been serving as a talent agent through his record label company ‘MPA Band Camp’ since 2014, which is a steady and beneficial source of income for the rapper. He also made hundreds of dollars through his stage performances and collaborations with other mega stars. Peewee has a reputation for earning a good load of money from his guest appearances in other singers’ albums in a cameo, or as a feature singer.

The rapper has made his name and reputation in the production industry through his record label. The record is associated with more than 15 rappers with great potential and talent. He founded the company in 2014 after the arrest of his former record label owner Gucci Mane.

In 2013, his group parted ways after the arrest of Gucci Mane, who was sentenced for imprisonment from 2013 to 2016. Peewee marked his name as the last artist who signed with Gucci’s label ‘1017 Records’. The latter was charged with using excessive drugs and this also raised fingers at the other two members of the trio.

In 2015, the rapper created a buzz when he stated on twitter his plans to quit music. But Peewee was quick to make a comeback roughly after a week, and released the second installment of his mix-tape ‘Money, Pounds, Ammunition’, which included several rappers of MPA BandCamp records and rappers like Offset and Quavo. Currently the rapper plans on working with his inspiration since childhood, Lil Wayne.

He has been actively creating music in the industry since 2013 and is being considered as the biggest surprise to the rapping industry. He has managed to gain some relevance and critical acclaim from some big rappers and continues strive for more appreciation. He is yet to land himself a award or a position in any Billboard charts list. We hope to listen to more of his music. Despite the roller coaster ride in his career, Peewee came back stronger and better than ever.