P Money Net Worth 2019

Who is P Money and what is his net worth 2019? Paris Moore Williams or P money is an England-based rapper who was born on April 8th, 1989 in New Cross, South London, England. He is best known for the number of live performances he does and also with his songs like “Slang like this” etc. He was the member of a grime crew named OGz and also released an album with them named OGz season Vol. 1. P money has been working in the industry since past 12 years.

Initially, he worked with crew fatal assassins alongside little dee and blacks. Till now he has managed to lots of singles, lots of EPs and lots of mixtapes which has made him so much popular among people all over the world. He has been continuously in news with the tremendous songs that he gives regularly.

P Money Net Worth

As he has survived for around 12 years in the industry, he has managed to attract lots of eyes, but still, lots of people are not known to him. People do want to know about the sources of his income and how much net worth he carries with him. To answer those people, let’s dig more information about him.

Net Worth of P Money

Though P money is in the industry for around 12 years, yet he hasn’t been able to give any blockbuster hits which can gain him popularity all around the world. That is why even after 12 years he hasn’t been able to fetch a good net worth for him. It looks like that he is not a part of any brand endorsements and thus the only scope of income that he carries is with the songs he has.

Till now his total net worth is touching somewhere around $450 thousand which is very less if we compare to any other celebrity who has completed 12 years in the industry. He is still pretty young and he hasn’t dropped the idea of rapping, which means he can still make lots of money for him. Not only this, it is also possible that he may produce some shows or music videos which can fetch him some money as well. So, we can see some growth in his income in coming years.

The star hasn’t been able to impress a lot of audiences with his skills and thus far he hasn’t made lots of fans for him. And one can check his various social media accounts and you will find out that he has followers less than 20k everywhere which is really less for any celebrity. We cannot enjoy various luxurious things if we are not earning that much, the same goes with P money as well. His net worth is only $400,000 and with this less amount of net worth, it will become really difficult for him to own any luxurious car as the cars these days are really expensive and for owning a car he has to fetch a lot of money from his net worth which would be really difficult.

Similarly, buying any property these days means that you have to spend around a million dollars for a good looking and spacious house and as the star is not having a net worth of even half a million dollars, it is kind of impossible for him to buy any luxurious houses. And it is very obvious that owning any other luxurious asset would be near to impossible for him to buy.

Here is the detail of the songs, albums, and mixtapes he has appeared in so far.

• Reload with DJ Zinc in the year 2012.
• Lamborghini with KSI in the year 2015
• 10/10 in the year 2015

P Money Albums

• Live & Direct

P Money Mixtapes

• Coins 2 notes in the year 2007
• P money is power in the year 2008
• Money over everyone in the year 2009
• Blacks and P with Blacks in the year 2011
• #MAD in the year 2013
• Money over everyone 2 in the year 2015

So this was everything that one should know about this talented rapper P money. Though his net worth is not really good at this time, but we are sure that he will make his mark with some brilliant songs in the coming year and thus will increase his net worth.