Nipsey Hussle Net Worth 2019

Who is Nipsey Hussle and what is his net worth 2019? Ermias asghedom or Nipsey Hussle is an America-based rapper and actor who was born on August 15th, 1985 in Crenshaw, Los Angeles. He is best known for working on several mixtapes including three parts of the series Bullets Ain’t Got No Name – The marathon, the marathon continues and Crenshaw. He has been working in the industry from past 14 years and has managed to make lots of fans for his musical skills and his acting skills.

He has collaborated with many singers to give some fantastic songs that have made him popular among the people. Initially, he started his career as a musician or you can as a rapper only and soon when he was started getting recognition all over the world, he turned his feet towards acting as well and managed to work in a few films which people loved.

Nipsey Hussle Net Worth

Due to a number of works he has done so far, he has made a good amount of money and people around the world want to know about the money that he has earned so far and they also want to know about the various sources of income he carries. So let’s just not waste more time and dive deep into his life to know more about him.

Net Worth of Nipsey Hussle

The star has managed to survive for more than 13 years in the industry and thus he has managed to earn lots of money from the works he has done. The first income source that he had was his mixtapes and musical things only and then came his acting career, which also managed to fetch him lots of money from the producers. We don’t think that the rapper has endorsed any product or brands till now, thus his acting and music skills are the only sources of his income.

But with these two skills only, the star has made a good amount of money for his living as his current net worth is around $6 million, which is really good for a person who is still pretty young and has still so much to offer with his acting and music skills, The skills that he carries, we know that the star will double this amount really quickly and all it will need is few more songs, mixtapes and films and he will definitely get more work which will help him increase his net worth.

We are very well known to the fact that all the rappers around the world, love a luxurious life and they like to spend money no matter what income they are having right now. Similarly, we have seen that Nipsey has a lot of love for luxurious cars that is why he spent $100000 on his Mercedes SLS AMG and also he owns another car from the same car manufacturers named Mercedes Maybach 600.

Thus it can be clearly seen that the star has lots of love for expensive cars. But, it is quite disgraceful that we were unable to find any kinds of reports that could have shown a hint about him owning a house or a property. We know that he lives in a very luxurious house, but there aren’t reports found showing that the house belongs to him. So, it is possible that the house would be named on one of his family members. So far, the rapper hasn’t bought any other luxurious assets but maybe we will notice a few of them in coming years.

Films and Mixtapes that made him famous

Here are the films that he has worked in till now –
• In 2007 he played the role of Little Ricky in film I tried.
• In 2008, he played the main role in the film Three thug Mice.
• In 2009, he played the role of Nipsey in the film Malice N Wonderland.
• In 2010, he worked in two films named Caged Animal and Love Chronicles and played the role of Ricky and Janky respectively.

Mixtapes that he released

• In 2010, the marathon
• In 2011, The marathon continues
• In 2013, Crenshaw
• In 2014, Mailbox Money

According to reports, he loves to spend time with his family, but unfortunately, he doesn’t get enough time to spend with them. Here is the family detail.

• Partner – Lauren London
• Brother – Samiel Asghedom
• Son – Kross Asghedom
• Daughter – Emani Asghedom

So this was everything about your favourite rapper Nipsey Hussle, with his talent, he will continue making lots of money for him and thus will add lots of amount to his net worth in the future.