Mr. Probz Net Worth 2018

Who Is Mr. Probz and what is his net worth 2018? Mr Probz is a rapper and singer who gained worldwide popularity with his song Waves which cracked the top five on the charts in many countries. Wave has put Probz on the map of international recognition. He is a big name in German pop and his home nation Dutch.

Early Life

A Dutch singer, musician, songwriter and actor Dennis Princewell Stehr better known by his stage name Mr Probz was born on 15 May, 1984 in Zoetemeer, Netherlands. His parents are of Danish and Antillian decent. Mr Probz is known for his raps in both English and Dutch. He started his career by writing lyrics about his everyday experience as graffiti. In 2010 Mr Probz won BNN/State Award in the category “Best New Artist”, it was a rare feet for an unsigned artist.

Mr. Probz Net Worth


In November 2013 Mr Probz released the single “Waves”, which was a top 10 hit in the Netherlands. The song also charted in Australia, Belgium and New Zealand. The remix version of the song was released in February 2014 in North America and Europe. The song was remixed by German DJ and producer Robin Schulz. The remix version was an international hit and topped the charts in Austria, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy and United states. The remix was the fourth best-selling song of 2014 in United Kingdom.

The success of Waves prompted high-profile collaborations with DJ and producers Afrojack and DJ David Guetta. In September 2014 his song Nothing Really Matters peaked to number one on Dutch Singles Charts and in Portugal. Life was not easier for Mr Probz. In august 2010, he was shot down in his stomach in Amsterdam and then in 2013 his house burnt completely. When he woke up, he found entire house engulfed in flames and he jumped out from the window to save himself.

His guitar, clothes, papers and everything turned to ash but fortunately his laptop which has most of his records saved In an interview with Official Charts Mr Probz told that he got a lot of problems, these are just the tip of the iceberg that’s why he called as Mr Probz. The problems in his life motivate him to work harder. After two days of fire in his house he performed Waves live on television after his television appearance the song was on top of the Netherlands music charts. Mr Probz received many awards for Waves and the song was also nominated for Grammy Award. In 2006 Mr Probz debuted in a Dutch musical film Bolletjes Blues.

Education: In his words he was a problematic child. He struggled to fit in the school and to express himself he turned to graffiti. After a big fine for tagging he had shifted his focus to hip hop. Mr Probz was inspired by Wu-Tang Clan and Cypress Hill.

Net Worth of Mr. Probz

The estimated net worth of Mr Probz is $2.2 million with yearly earnings of $80000. Mr Probz earn this fortune by sponsorship, endorsements and advertisements. He earns almost $100000 yearly from sponsorship. His main source of earning is singing.

Mr Probz owns a beautiful and luxurious house in Tilburg, Netherlands, which have a home studio. He has a stunning and comfortable Audi RS7.

Mr Probz has his own record label Left Lane Recordings. He released Waves to support his lable.

Mr Probz has just entered in the music industry and got an overnight international success. His music is famous in his homeland but also smashed the sale records internationally. He is working with musical legends and has much good collaboration. He is focused and determined towards achieving his goals.