Mr. Papers Net Worth 2019

Who is Mr. Papers and what is his net worth 2019? Legal tangles are nothing new to rappers. Many of them have faced criminal charges of assault and robbery. Some have had issues with white-collar crimes. A couple of them have problems with child custody. American rapper, Mr. Papers is one such rapper who lost a fortune fighting for the custody of his child.

Early Life

Born on 13 June 1988, in Honduras, Mr. Papers is an American rapper. His real name is Jeremy Neil. Not much information is available on the internet about the exploits of Mr. Papers. He became famous for his relationship with famous US singer, Lil’ Kim.

Mr. Papers Net Worth

Allegedly, Mr. Papers had a son from an earlier relationship. The relationship with Lil’ Kim started in 2012. Theirs was a passionate romance culminating in the birth of a baby girl, Royal Reigns. Their relationship ended in 2013 when Mr. Papers and Lil’ Kim released their song, Pour It Up.

Mr. Papers was not a famous singer at all. He attained fame because of Lil’ Kim. She was involved in numerous relationships. However, her relationship with Mr. Papers produced this child. The couple separated soon after the birth of the girl. There is a custody battle going on in the courts. In this relationship, Lil’ Kim is the richer party whereas Mr. Papers has a lower worth.

There was a lot of controversy over the parentage of Royal Reigns. Mr. Papers admitted that the child was his. In fact, he has a Twitter handle by the name of Daddy. There were rumours that boxer Floyd Mayweather was the father of the child. However, the court case proved that Mr. Papers was indeed the father of Royal Reigns.

Education: We do not have much information about the educational qualifications of Mr. Papers. In fact, there is not much news about Mr. Papers in general.

Net Worth of Mr. Papers

The net worth of Mr. Papers is $500 thousand.  He has a much lower net worth than Lil’ Kim. Hence, there are chances of the custody of the child remaining with her instead of Mr. Papers.

We do not know much about the assets position of Mr. Papers. He must have all the assets necessary for a decent life. He considers his relationship with Lil’ Kim as his best moments in life. He considers his daughter, Royal Reigns as his greatest asset. Hence, he is fighting his heart out for gaining her custody. He even offered to marry Lil’ Kim but the deal could not go through.

The real name of Mr. Papers is Jeremy Neil. Other than his much-publicised affair with singer Lil’ Kim, there is not much information available about Mr. Papers. There is mention of only one song that Mr. Papers released along with Lil’ Kim.

The ongoing custody battle for the child, Royal Reigns made Mr. Papers very famous. He has a lower net worth as compared to Lil’ Kim. Hence, there are fewer chances of receiving the custody of the child. The child may get to live with her mother, Queen Bee Lil’ Kim.

Mr. Papers is eagerly waiting for the court verdict to come in his favour. The chances are very low. Lil’ Kim is the person with the higher net worth. As per the law of the land, the custody of the child should go to the person having greater worth. This can enable the child to get a better life. Mr. papers has publicly acknowledged that he is the father of the child because there were rumours that the famous boxer, Floyd Mayweather is the true father.

Controversy is nothing new to rappers. Many of them have been involved in more dangerous offenses than the simple custody battle Mr. Papers is fighting today. However, there is one common streak among all kinds of rappers. They have been on the other side of the law at some point or other in their lifetime.