Mr. Criminal Net Worth 2018

Who is Mr. Criminal and what is his net worth 2018? Roberto Fabian Garcia, commonly known as Mr. Criminal is born on December 4, 1982, in Pittsburgh, California, is a Latin American rapper and recording artist. He is also the owner and founder of GD UPCLOTHING-an exclusive brand which sells clothing online worldwide and Crime Family Entertainment Music Group. He is expert in playing ‘vocals’, and one of the most sought after music artist worldwide. However, we did not get any information about his family and marriage life on the internet apart from the fact that he was raised in Whittier California.

The criminal background of this artist always keep haunting him and in 2008, he was charged with illegal possession of marijuana and firearms after his vehicle was searched by the police. After release from the charge, he again bounced back to his music career and released more than 20 albums after the incident.

Mr. Criminal Net Worth


He started his career as a rapper and he got his first break when he met famous rapper Mr. Capone-E in 2001, at a low rider car show. Their first collaboration work “Criminal Mentality” which was released on Thump Records Music Group owned by Mr. Capone-E, was acknowledged widely by the music lovers across the world.

Mr. Criminal knew mostly for his albums “We Ride” and “Death Before Dishonour”, has been working a number of recording companies like Hi Power Entertainment and Crime Family Entertainment. He also collaborated with artists and producers like Suga Free, Glasses Malone, Spider Lock of G-Unit, Kokane, Nate Dogg, DTTX, Triple C and many more.

In 2006 he released one of his best album “Stay on the Streets” which was praised by all the music lovers worldwide. The “We Ride” track for the same album featuring, Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, give the opportunity to Mr. Criminal to tour America with hip-hop group G-Unit owing to the success of the title throughout America on national radio.

Some of his best albums include Only the Strong Survive, Rise to Power, Criminal Mentality Vol.2, Young Brown and Dangerous, West Side Oldies, Evolution of A G and Latin with Attitude and many. However, his profile at is incomplete which does not include his complete title and career.

His tracks known for his experiences with the law and real crimes have been praised by experts in the industry. He started his career after being released from confinement and later he tried hard to get back his normal life on track. He has tried his skills in acting and acted in three films. He was appraised for his skills in movie Narco Valley where he played the role of himself. He also directed, produced and wrote a movie ‘The Final Ride’. In movie ‘Bright’ he played the role of TBD, which got praise from the audience.

Apart from rapper he has also worked as songwriter, producer, videographer owner of two successful companies. His latest album ‘Palmtrees and Sunsets’ is also making a successful buzz in the music industry.

He is in the music industry since 2001 and has been released a number of albums and some of his tracks also featured in most famous track, however, he is still unable to win any important award.

Net Worth of Mr. Criminal

Mr. Criminal is also known as ‘Lyrical Assassin’ among his fans and quiet a famous music artist. Mr. Criminal’s net worth is $1 million.

We appreciate this star for leaving his criminal history behind trying to build his own name in the music industry, despite some difficulties. It is not easy to leave behind criminal history and achieve the best in the completely different field of music. But as per our knowledge, he is working hard and we hope he will gain much success and awards in future.