Mitchy Slick Net Worth 2019

Who is Mitchy Slick and what is his net worth 2019? Mitchy Slick was born in December 1973 in San Diego, California. He was an American rapper of the group Strong Arm Steady. He collaborated with rappers Krondon and Phil Da Agony and has three solo albums. He is also the main producer of Wrongkind records which is signed to Hoo-Bangin’ Records. He was a native of San Diego, someone called him a rap veteran. He spent his early years in the southeastern block in San Diego, which was called the Lincoln Park are. He was in Prairie View a&M in Texas, however, he returned shortly afterward to his hometown where he started his musical career.

His debut album “Trigeration Station” was number 13 on Billboard for independent albums chart. Since then he released numerous mix tapes. His second album was a great success. It was called “Urban Survival Syndrome”. In that particular year, he met Phil the Agony and Krondon and they formed west coast group Strong Arm Steady.

Mitchy Slick Net Worth

After the debut album “Deep Hearted” he made a conceptual album “Search of Stoney” and the most popular album “Arms and Hammers”. He also appeared in different songs as featured artist and collaborated with different important figures in rap community such as The Game, Little Wayne, E-40 and Jay Rock, among the others.

In 2007 he released “Mesy Slick” with Messy Mery rapper; the album was a hit and went on charts for more than five weeks. In 2010 he released the “Yellow Tape compilation” which was followed by “Wrongkind is everywhere”, that was presented by DJ Rah2K. He announced projects such as “Feet Match the Paint” and “Gang Intervention” with a Dj Fresh as a producer. He appeared on Gladys Knight’s album and they have performed a guest track that was called “Old School”.

Early Life


He was born in San Diego, and he became a rapper that contributed to a west coast rap community as a solo artist, where he signed with Hoo-Bangin’ Records. In the same time he made conceptual albums with San Diego Lincoln Park Bloods, and after he released his debut album he was recognised as one of the best independent acts in that year.

His mix tapes were a product of numerous collaborations with different artists and rappers. He released five albums, and the latest was “Call of Duty” released in 2014.

He also appeared with Gladys Knight on her album and performed the track named “Old School”. There were different legal issues that he faced and he was charged with kidnapping and other similar charges. He surrendered to Marin County on charges of human trafficking and kidnapping. He was charged also with terrorist threats, gang participating and firearm wearing. He has released soon afterward because they didn’t have a case. In 2015 all charges were dropped.

With Strong Arm Steady, he released several albums and mix tapes that became widely popular in the United States. The first one was “Gang Mentality” and “Arms and Hammers”. He was known as one of the most successful rappers and artist in San Diego, along with his buddies Gangsta Ern and Jayo Felony. At the same time, he is a part of Lincoln Park Bloods and him as high rank in the member’s community. He collaborated with The Game, Jay Rock, Compton Menace, among others. He became popular after releasing his own solo album that affected his entire and overall net worth.

Net Worth of Mitchy Slick

One of the breakthrough rapper Mitchy Slick is widely known as the member of Strong Arm Steady and founder of Wrongkind records. These jobs affected his current net worth, however, it is estimated that he has an overall net worth of $800 thousand.

Even though he had crazy past with different legal issues, his musical career is something that is irrelevant to his everyday life. Of course, his main topic is a reality in the gangsta neighbourhood; however, his attitude on the scene and through his music is wider than other rappers through Dirty South. So we can expect from him more collaborations and greater success that could bring him more money and bigger and larger net. So if you hear any cracking sound, it is best to turn the volume up and enjoy the future with Mitchy Slick.