Mike Stud Net Worth 2019

Who is Mike Stud and what is his net worth 2019? Mike Stud is an American hip-hop artist. He became an overnight hit, with his viral single titled ‘College Humor’, which was recorded as a joke on GarageBand. He has released three albums, called ‘Relief’, ‘Closer’, and ‘These Days’ and six mixtapes. He is also working on a show ‘This is Mike Stud’ which airs on Esquire Network.

Early Life

Michael Francis Seander was born in 1988 on 30th October in Rhode Island, USA to Mary Seander and Michael Seander. Stud was raised and brought up in Rhode Island. He completed his graduation from St. Raphael Academy. He was great at basketball and baseball player at his college and was also awarded the Rhode Island’s 2006 Gatorade Player of the Year Award. After his graduation, he went to Duke University, in North Carolina in order to play baseball, where he became one of the star players on the team. However, he suffered an arm injury during his sophomore season, which demanded him to go under a Tommy John Surgery. He wasn’t allowed to play in the entire season to recover properly from his surgery.

Mike Stud Net Worth

Mike Stud has been dating Josie Canseco, ever since 2015, the couple can be seen partying and publicly displaying affection for each other at more than one occasion. They are also known for posting pictures with each other on their social media handles. Josie has also featured on Stud’s music video for ‘Anyone Else’, in which the couple can be seen sharing some intimate moments with the world.


In 2010, while stud was still recovering from his surgery, he developed a sweet taste for music, which encouraged him created a music video called ‘College Humor’, which was meant as a joke between his baseball teammates. Since its release, the video has more than 2 million views. Later he released ‘In His Life’ with Alex Lagemann, which also received an amazing response from his fans. In 2011, Stud released his first mix tape called ‘A Toast to Tommy’.

He made his official musical debut in 2013, releasing his album ‘Relief’.

He has worked with labels like Electric Feel Music, 300 Entertainment and Atlantic Records.

In 2016, he also starred on Esquire Network show called ‘This is Mike Stud’, which basically follows the star and his crew during his tour adventures.

He is also known for uploading remix videos on YouTube, most of his videos have over 1 million views each on them. You can follow the star and his musical journey by subscribing to his YouTube channel ‘MikeStudMusic’.

Mike Stud is yet to receive a Grammy or Golden Award, for his music creation, but the rapper is definitely in the right direction, gaining hundreds of fans every day. He is young, energetic and free, can be seen touring and meeting his fans. Unlike other hip hop rappers, his songs also have a hint of melody in it which is what makes his music so unique and precious.

Net Worth of Mike Stud

Mike Stud has an estimated net worth of $2 million. The rapper has released six taps and 3 albums, which constantly help him in making money. He also makes a lot of money by uploading content on YouTube. He can also be seen on the covers of several magazines.

Mike Stud started off his music career in 2010. If it wasn’t for his surgery in his sophomore year, the rapper would have been playing baseball in the field, rather than making music in the studio. He was destined to be a musician, who was discovered on the Internet and is loved by his online fandom. Currently, the star is working on his next studio album, which is expected to release soon.