Mike Jones Net Worth 2019

Who is Mike Jones and what is his net worth 2019? The ever popular American rapper Mike Jones well known for his catch- phrase “Who? Mike Jones’’, has won an innumerable number of hearts by his creations and has struggled his way throughout, which has eventually led to the present net worth.

The owner of the epithet “Ice Age Entertainment” besides being a successful rapper is also an actor, an entrepreneur, a musician, a singer, a film producer as well as a screenwriter.

Mike Jones Net Worth

Early Life

Born on the 18th of November in the year 1981, Jones aspired to play in the National Basketball Association along with rapping as a side preference. Mike Jones, formerly named as Michael Jones had to get transferred to several schools as a result of which he was left with no other option but to play in YCMA league abiding by the deportation rule.

He discontinued his high school and started appointing himself at the fast food inns. Besides, Jones had also sold mobile phones at the Compaq. When nothing worked, the present millionaire had even chosen to sell “dime bags” as well as “ T – Mobile Sidekicks” with his present financial pursuit T. Brown.

From his personal corner of family, he is the closest to his granny whom he mandatorily pays a visit to, whenever possible, at Studewood, Houston. He acknowledges her for the extreme encouragement with numerous ideas in the field of rapping.

Mike Jones has earned his fame since a very young age. The present net worth of Jones has never been able to carry away his humbleness anyhow. He has an efficient involvement in various charitable programs naming a few would be “ Ice Age for Kids”, “ The American Dream Foundation” and much more, via which, he hosts community proceedings for youth development. Apart from this, Jones imperatively donates a huge sum for the needy.


His career in music had initiated after his association with the Souf Folk, where he had got the opportunity to release the album named Country Thuggin. It wasn’t late when he inaugurated his own Ice Age Entertainment in the year of 2001 and started promoting himself at the strip clubs and streets.

Jones was kissed with success when he was signed by the Swishahouse along with other eminent rappers of that time. Henceforth he commenced with a number of solo hits since the year 2004. The first turn around was received from “Still Trippin” which had earned him recognition from Jive Records and Warner Bros. He efficiently made up to be chosen as the first Platinum Single with his very next hit “Back Then”.

In 2005, Mike Jones sole debut album “Who Is Mike Jones?” had earned him a Double Platinum, whose selling rate and the count is still the highest till date. In 2006, he went on to release another single named “ Mr. Jones’’ after actively collaborating with the Asylum Records.

The year 2007 witnessed the rapper released two singles from an EP with the eminent titles “The American Dream” and “My 64”. When the former garnered success to the Billboard Charts the later was well appreciated at the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles list.

Later that year, Mike went on to release three separate singles held down “The Voice” named “Drop and Gimme 50”, “Cuddy Buddy” and “Next To You”. The whole album had victoriously made it to the Billboard 2000 by the year 2009.

The American rapper rocking in the hip hop genre had been nominated for the prestigious award of MTV Video Music Award – MTV 2 Award for his ever popular single named “Still Trippin” in the year 2005.

His achievements score among many, however, his album “Who Is Mike Jones” earning double Platinum is known as the best till date.

Net Worth of Mike Jones

Starting from the scratch and successfully reaching the higher levels of the sky Mike Jones has achieved it all alone. Being a drop out from the high school and selling his own records in the streets, he has rightly measured a long distance. The successive hits and queued up upcoming genres explains proficiently the journey from zero to a present net worth of Mike Jones being $7 Million.

The recent records from Mike Jones were reported to be at the earliest of 2015 with a mixtape entitled “ Money Train “. Later that month, he had also disclosed its successive tape from the sequel; entitled “ Money Train : Reloaded.” Apart from all this, he is also known for his signature style of flaunting his number at the back of his shirt.