Memphis Bleek Net Worth 2019

Who is Memphis Bleek and what is his net worth 2019? Memphis Bleek is an American rapper who has released four albums in his career and is a friend of Jay-Z. Memphis Bleek was born on June 23, 1978 in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in the same neighbourhood as Jay-Z. His real name is Malik Cox. The surname “Memphis”, stands for “Making Easy Money, Pimping Hoes In Style”. He took this name to pay homage to pimps.


Memphis Bleek is famous for being a rapper and CEO of his own label “Get Low”. Bleek’s first official appearance was on the Clark Kent produced song “Coming of Age” from Reasonable Doubt. This album gave him a lot of exposure and the first taste of success. It was featured in Jay-Z’s classic debut LP Reasonable Doubt. This album was topping the charts of Billiboards 200 at number 7.

Memphis Bleek Net Worth 2018-2019

Jay-Z collaborated with him on the hit singles “Hey Papi” , “Change the Game”, “It’s Alright” which peaked at 61 of US Billiboard 100. His second album “The Understanding” was certified by Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on December 5, 2000. This album had the collaborators like Missy Elliott, Twista and Jay-Z. It also topped the roaring charts like R&B and Billiboard in top 100. “M.A.D.E.” and 534 were the next two albums he worked on. All were published under Get Low, Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam label.

The significance of the album named 534 came from the apartment numbers in Marcy Projects in which Bleak and Jay-Z lived. He has around twelve mixtapes, seventeen singles and fifteen music videos.

Bleek was featured in 4 da Fam, Change the Game, Good Life, Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes.

He was a guest appearance to many of the Jay-Z videos which includes “Get Lifted, Lyrically Untouchable(Remix), Roc Reloaded, Fuck Niggas Gone Do, Ryders (Da Ville to da Stuy), Brooklyn In My Mind, We Still Here, Hands on the Pump,Art & Life (Chi-Roc), The R.O.C, Parking Lot Pimpin,Get Your Mind Right Mami,M.A.R.C.Y and many more.

Memphis Bleek almost prepared his fifth album “The Process” in 2005, however it did not release hence leaving his fans disappointed. This album was going to be a classic one as described by Bleek. In 2009 he signed with Mass Appeal Entertainment and then released his album in 2010 finally. He has done quite a lot of shows with Jay-Z as background singer. Bleek has re-released “The Movement” after working upon it with “The Liberty Music Group”. It is estimated that this garnered around 125,000 Downloads. “The Movement’s ” remix version was released on March 21, 2014. It is available for free download.

Net Worth of Memphis Bleek

Memphis Bleek net worth is over $2.5 millions most of which is owed to his rapping career of four albums and tours. The live shows with Jay-Z made him known to the normal crowd.

Memphis Bleek songs mostly depict of what he believes with the condition of his early childhood, his friendships, his support for few causes. He gives meaningful touches to the songs through his raps.