MC Lyte Net Worth

Who is MC Lyte and what is her net worth 2018? MC Lyte is known to be a rapper. He initially attained reputation during late 1980s, transforming as the leading solo female rapper to launch a full album by year 1988’s censoriously commended Lyte as a Rock. This rapper has been regarded as one of hip-hop’s forerunner feminists since long. You may be wandering to receive details of net worth of MC Lyte; well you can get by reading below:

MC Lyte (birth name: Lana Michelle Moorer) was brought up in Brooklyn, located in New York City, in New York. She started rapping when she was of age 12. The rapper considers DJ Giz and Milk D, recognised as the hip hop duo named Audio Two, as completely like her brothers. This is due to the fact that all three were brought up together.

MC Lyte Net Worth 2018-2019

Father of Audio Two named as Nat Robinson established a label for these people named First Priority. After the formation of the label, Robinson has actually cut a deal made in association with Atlantic by a condition, that Lana will attain a record deal with Atlantic too.

The stage name of MC Lyte was Sparkle. When she was of age 14, she started recording her initial track, though it demanded two years prior it was released. During year 1987, when she was of age 17, she had started publicly surpassing other MCs. The rapper was even presented in a remix as well as a music video of “I Want Your (Hands on Me)” made by Irish based singer named Sinéad O’Connor which made debut on MTV in year 1988.

In year 1988, she has issued her first album entitled as Lyte as a Rock. Composed since many years, this album was well-known for some hits like “Paper Thin”, recognised as its lead track, as well as the battle rap “10% Dis”, known as a retort from then-Hurby Azor assistant named Antoinette.

It is known that Lyte has followed her debut by Eyes on This, which laid the hits like “Cha Cha Cha” as well as “Cappucino”. These albums were prominent for her unrestricted lyrical stuff. She worked harder on year 1991’s Act Like You Know, renowned for its novel jack swing sound as well as a famous single entitled as “Poor Georgie”. After the span of two years, her fifth album entitled as Bad As I Wanna B, presented production from Sean Combs and Jermaine Dupri.

Apart from that, the rapper has been presented on television as herself right on some shows like In Living Color, MTV Unplugged, Cousin Skeeter, Moesha, My Wife and Kids, New York Undercover, and Sisters in the Name of Rap. Moreover, she too performed on TV in some of the shows like Get Real, In the House, Queen of the South, Half & Half, and The District.

MC Lyte Net Worth

Net worth of MC Lyte is assessed to be $9 million. She is essentially a rapper. She has amassed her high net worth by her extremely successful career made as a rapper as well as a songwriter. She also earned well by featuring in television shows and some acting roles in movies.

She initially created waves in the world of hip-hop during year 1988, while she has released her censoriously commended debut album entitled Lyte as a Rock which laid two hit singles: Paper Thin as well as 10% Dis. Through year 1998 launch i.e. Seven & Seven, she has celebrated an extraordinary 10 years on rap scene by an increasing fan base.

She earned well by being a founder of Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, worked as the President of entertainment organisation named Sunni Gyrl, Inc., etc.

Late 1980s was the period which allowed MC Lyte to establish as an accomplished and talented rapper globally with high fame. Right from her teenage, she expressed her passion in field of rapping and worked since then.