Max Lux Net Worth

Who is Max Lux and what is his net worth 2018? Max Lux is a popular singer and rapper in Hollywood and his rise to fame started with the very success of multi – platinum record by Lil Wayne – “How to Love”. However, he has appeared in television series Love & Hip Hop that brought him to the limelight and mainstream Hollywood. The show premiered in 2011 and was a reality show that showed the lives of musicians in various areas of US. He is a songwriter, rapper, and singer and his real name are Max Boyd.

The artist was born on 22nd July 1989 in Los Angeles, USA and is African-American by origins. Along with being a musician, he is a reality show personality and mostly recognised for his appearance in “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” starting from 2014 till present. He is married to songwriter and rapper Brandi Burnside and participated in the reality show alongside his wife.

Max Lux Net Worth 2018-2019

When it comes to business model for generating income and staying in the business by Max Lux, he gains most of his money from creating music and participation in the reality show. The business model he follows is purely based on his passion and love for his music. He has collaborated with many famous artists and musicians to create music for them. Apart from them, he takes part in concert and tours alone or with other artists. His participation alongside his wife Brandi Boyd in the reality show is a part of his business model to grow as the artist.

There are many controversies that arose related to his infidelity towards his wife. It was reported by Famulus that he is a father to a child with another woman and cheated on his wife. There were reports about him denying taking the DNA test. A woman named Brina claimed that Max Lux is the father of her daughter named Aziya. The woman shared screenshots with Brandi Boyd to inform about the birth of her daughter whom she claimed is also a daughter of Max Lux. The lady in question also claimed to have paperwork proving Max Lux is the father of her daughter. However, Max Lux refused to take the DNA test and also did not accept the baby as his.

Max Lux Net Worth

With a reality show in his kitty and worldwide fame as a rapper and songwriter, Max Lux has managed to bring together a lot of assets. The net worth of Max Lux is over $4.5 million, it surely added some more million. He has many sources of income to add to his million dollars worth asset, primarily through collaboration with famous musicians and second through his reality show.

Max Lux started his career as a songwriter in 2000 and since then has collaborated with many famous singers and musicians. His love for music since an early age helped in collaborating with musicians like T-Pain, Flo-Rida, Lil Kim, Stevie Wonder, Devante Swing and others. This helps him in building a fortune and establishes himself as an artist.

The most profitable and rewarding collaboration was with rapper Lil Wayne with the song “How to Love”, written by Max Lux that gained him worldwide popularity and with 4 millions copy of the song sold, it helped him accumulate more wealth. The platinum hit “How to Love” also helped him with two BMI awards.

Ever since he has collaborated with many other artists and was part of a tour with Lil Kim and served as her Hype Man. He is married to Whitney Houston’s God daughter, Brandi Boyd since 2009 who is one of the main cast in the VH1 based reality show – “Love and Hip Hop: Bollywood”. His marriage with Brandi got him roped in for the second season of the show to increase his asset worth.

Max Lux is a rising star in Hollywood and has as of now few works under his kitty. He is expected to rise more with his spectacular sense of music as he collaborates with more musicians and let his music take a flight. The Afro-American musician has two BMI awards to his kitty and in coming years is to rise to fame more intensely.