Mariah Lynn Net Worth 2018

Who is Mariah Lynn and what is her net worth 2018? Mariah Lynn was born in September 1979 in Texas. She is a rapper that grew in New Jersey. With very difficult childhood, she often had to move to different foster homes and in one moment she found herself in New Jersey, a dangerous neighbourhood of Newark. At first, she was a go-go dancer.

However, she always did what everything in order to succeed. After her career took off we can see her in various reality shows such as Love & Hip Hop and a huge opportunity for all newcomers that want to be popularised and famous.

Mariah Lynn Net Worth

When she met DJ Self they both decided to promote her single “Once Upon a Time” which became an immediate hit. She had terrific talent, and also great looks. Recently she was seen with Cisco Rosado, record producers and one of the characters on the show. She made her way on the TV screen when she joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop, however it seemed that show is not going to last.

Net Worth of Mariah Lynn

She has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand. In the season 6, she was a newbie on reality show Love & Hip Hop and no one knew who she really was. Then she stated that she led troubling life until recently. That her mother struggled with addiction, so she went to jail when Mariah Lynn was filming her reality show. Mariah once admitted that because of her mother she went to different foster homes, while her father was in jail. In the meantime, Mariah Lynn took care of her troubling family on a financial level, even though they were still the same they were before.

She began stripping in order to pay her bills and to make money for a studio time. She was a newbie so no one wanted to invest in her. That was the reason she had to earn money by herself. DJ Self was responsible for discovery, so she got an opportunity to join an LHHNY. She grew a fan base, and promoted her music through the show, also DJ Self played a huge part in Mariah record deal.

She has a Puerto Rican descent because her father was born in Aibonito. Also, the question of the birthday was main news around the internet. On most websites she was born on 1990, however, on numerous forums, there were discussions about her age, and that she lied.

Mariah Lynn has two commercial and important songs “Once Upon a Time” and “Money Gun”, and they are about another side of the street from a woman’s perspective. She was offered a deal by DJ Self, but she refused it because she got back in contact with her ex-manager Rah Ali. She became a free agent with several meetings about the major deal.

In the commercial show, she has shown her personality that immediately shocked and merged viewers. She always tries to do better and all her life was around that fact. In the same time, she pushed her music, took care of her addictive and problematic mother, and since that time she tried to make something out of herself. In the new season, she became a pawn for Rich Dollaz and she made a few contacts that could help you further in a career. She tried to impress Sky Landis in order to get more fans around her, so now she’s been accused of being a ghetto girl with a sentimental story.

Through the season she had numerous controversial statements such as “hoe” mott. She stated that Hoe was always been her motto, and we could understand all that if we listen to her song “Once Upon a Time (I Was a Hoe)”. In another interview, she explained that HOE means “Hustle over everything”, and not a prostitute or whatever other thought.

Even though she has just begun, fans are delighted with her show, performance, and truth between her lines, so we could expect that she could become more and more popular as the show continues. Also, her music career is something that is expanding, so in the next year, we assume that she will have more money in her net, and after all, more popularity. So, can we expect some hit single from her in this year?