Mack 10 Net Worth

Who is Mack 10 and what is his net worth 2018? Dedrick D’Mon Rolison better recognised by his stage name Mack 10, is a famous American rapper and actor. Mack 10 was born on August 9, 1971 in a place Inglewood located in California, US. Mack 10 is an American rapper best acknowledged for his time with the West Coast rap super group Westside Connection, whose debut album entitled Bow Down, reached the number 2 on the popular Billboard 200 in year 1996. Apart from his singing career, Mack 10 remained as the founder of autonomous record label Hoo-Bangin’ Records and received his stage name through the Ingram MAC-10 submachine gun.

Mack 10 has sold approximately 11 million records autonomously including his solo as well as group works. This rapper started his first appearance on compilation by Ice Cube’s in year 1994 named “Bootlegs & B-Sides” on the remixed track entitled “What Can I Do?” Mack 10 was also a member of hip hop super group named Westside Connection together with Ice Cube as well as WC. Mack 10 rapped together with Ice Cube for several years being a member of Westside Connection.

Mack 10 Net Worth 2018-2019

Mack 10’s debut, which remained as a gold selling album entitled “Mack 10” was released in year 1995 on the Priority label. This rapper made his hip hop debut through the hit single entitled “Foe Life”, out of his self-titled CD. After that, he released his other two releases namely “Based on a True Story” in year 1997 and “The Recipe” in year 1998. The latter one even attained gold certification and ranked at #14 and #15 on the popular Billboard 200, respectively.

Through his record label, Mack 10 released ‘The Mix Tape’ in year 1999. After year 2000, his reputation began weakening slowly as was declared by his album entitled ‘The Paper Route’. It was accompanied with the singles namely ‘From tha Streetz’ and ‘Tight to Def,’ which did not performed so well as the preceding albums. Though in year 2001, his new album entitled ‘Bang or Ball,’ which is an album deal with Cash Money Records open a preview of hopefulness for a novel direction in his hip-hop demesne.

Mack 10 got married to Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, belonging from R&B trio TLC in year 2000. The couple have one daughter named Chase Anela Rolison, born in year 2000 and in year 2004, T-Boz registered for divorce.

Education: Mack 10 completed his school level education from a school in California and later got diverted to singing career.

Mack 10 Net Worth

The assessed total net worth of Mack 10 is around $6.6 million. The total net worth and earnings of Mack 10 have been made from his hip hop recording business, his recording business, singing, acting, his brand endorsements, business deals, etc. As Mack 10 is an experienced and renowned rapper since last many years, his net-worth keeps on rising every year.

Mack 10 is the originator of independent record label entitled Hoo-Bangin Records, making him a business model. The rapper performed with Ice Cube as well as W.C. in year 1996 all-star side project entitled Westside Connection, and made his personal production company, named Mack One-O, which contracted the acts All Fruit-I as well as the Comrades.

Mack 10 is active in social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter. He has by now tweeted on Twitter over 700 times and has over 18k followers on Twitter, which proves his fame.

Mack 10 owns a costly car named 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air Convertible. This distinguished ’57 also made an appearance on the cover of his album entitled “Based on a True Story.” Mack 10 recalls the car as a fern green color with delicate tape shades, slightly different from the prevalent colours of those times.

The rapper’s platinum record made him into west side rap royals, last year. In this regard, Mack 10 states that presently it’s all about the live music and added that for a show to be a success, one should promote it.

The name of Mack 10 is prevalent since last many years in the field of rappers for his distinguished talents. Many releases and albums mentioned above are registered under his name making his fame reach across the world.