Lud Foe Net Worth

Who is Lud Foe? What is net worth of Lud Foe? Lud Foe is a known and an accomplished rapper of Chicago. He was born on 5th July 1996 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Lud is famous as a drill rapper since 2015. He started his own youtube channel named Elevator and received millions of likes on it. The channel has other known fellow rappers too like Lil Bibby, Toni Romiti, Rondo Numba Nine etc. He says he get an inspiration from Ice cube, Gucci Mane etc. He got fame in 2016 after doing 2 hit songs “I’m Da Man” and “Cuttin Up”. His video “Cuttin Up” gets about 13 million views worldwide. He is a member of the gang named Four corner hustlers founded by Walter Wheat and Freddy Malik in Chicago Illinois in the 1960s.

He started his career in 2015 with rape game but got fame in 2016 after his “Cuttin Up” released. Lud is most famous for his “187” single hit. He is co-signed for it by a very famous rapper of Chicago Lil Durk. He is a very hard and a consistent man who wasn’t from a rich background. His parents didn’t support him initially because they are black people and were afraid of getting stumbled under the society pressure which preferred whites. Lud Foe is a living example for the black people who made his place in the place of richest rappers in U.S.A. Lud style is compared to the great rapper of Chicago Chief keef. His voice is compared to N.W.A but he says his voice is a mixer of newer generation with N.W.A.

Lud Foe Net Worth 2017-2018

One can find him on Instagram searching his username ludfoe_boochiegang where he is ranked 549th on the most hip-hop follower rank. To stay connected with him on Twitter the URL is

Education: Nothing has been disclosed about Lud Foe education as he is only 20 years old right now that is enough to consider he might be in a secondary school. There is no idea about his school name right now. Rumors also came that he left school to stay focussed on his work.

Lud Foe Net Worth

Lud Foe has an estimated net worth of $0.25 million US dollars as of 2017. Lud net worth includes his hip-hop songs that are very popular nowadays among the youth. His YouTube page receives millions of people whenever he launches any album or song. He is also a member of boochiegang which is a known group of Chicago and together they perform live concerts and earns a lot from them.

Lud Foe Assets

Nothing has yet revealed about the assets of Foe but there is an assumption that he have a long queue of assets. Lud Foe has been seen many times in luxurious cars and riding BMW bikes. He is presently living in a posh house in a high-class street of California along with his parents and siblings.

Lud Foe Business Model:

Apart from his albums, he performs live shows along with his group members. Earning so much at this tender age what more can be expected from Foe. He doesn’t do business alongside being a rapper.

The drill rapper met an accident on the 5th march with 18-wheeler recently and was bedridden since then as his two wrists and jaw got broken. Being in such a condition he returns preparing nine track project and dropped his new remix ‘Get Well Foe’ on 23rd March which is now available everywhere on social pages, iTunes and Spotify. The new “Get well Foe” review is yet to come as it was launched yesterday only and the surety is getting millions of views and likes as like his previous records received.

Lud Foe is a consistent and hard working 20 years old rapper. Starting from nothing and becoming a very big Star journey counts his dedication and motivation. He left everything to achieve his dream.

He says, for doing a work one should stay focussed because it is the only thing that helps to find the targeted aim. Coming from a black family and bursting like a fire among the white and black society is a thing of pride and a hope for black generations yet to come.