London on da Track Net Worth 2018

Who is London on da Track and what is his net worth 2018? The American record producer, rapper and song writer London on da Track was named London Holmes when he was born. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, London on da Track worked on the 2016 Lil Wayne collaboration album, ColleGrove along with 2 Chainz. He produced and wrote for the track section as well for that album.

An enigmatic person, London on da Track doesn’t reveal much about his humble beginnings in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born in the twenty seventh of March in the year 1991. Nothing much is known to the public about this record producer who has made it big at the age of 24.

London on da Track Net Worth

However, he started very early. He was a member of the rapper group named Dem Guyz at the age of sixteen.


London on da Track started his career in music as a rapper in the group Dem Guyz. Even back then, London was resourceful and original when it came to making money and saving it. His experience in playing the piano at the Church paid off and he started making beats for the rappers and netted him a decent sum of money.

Very soon, he started honing these skills by using online software. His first taste of fame occurred when started producing beats for American hip hop group Rich Kidz. Rich Kidz as we know went on to sign a deal with Columbia records. So their fame rubbed on to London as well.

Very soon, London became the sought after the person and other groups and bands started flocking to him for his compositions. London, the visionary that he was traded publicity for money. He used to give away his beats free of charge to those who wanted them as a way to forge connections and make some publicity on the way. His song that produced for Rich Kidz, Pieon received radio play and then there was no looking back for London. He was on the track to becoming a music producer and songwriter.

He started collaborating with Young Thug in 2011. His first song with them was Curtains. However, he continued to give away his beats for free even during his period. It was around this time that London signed his first label deal with the American record label company founded by the Williams brothers, Cash Money Records. After this record deal, he has produced beats for T.I., Rich Gang, and Tyga and has had Billboard hot 100 singles pop up.

Since then his career graph has been on the rise through his collaborations with Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Birdman, Rich Homie Quan, Drake, T.I., 21 Savage, Travis Porter, 50 Cent etc. But the bulk of his production work is with the teen sensations, Rich Kidz who are from his hometown.

Net Worth of London on da Track

With his collaborations with so many groups and bands and deals with Cash Money Records and RK4L Music Group labels, it is no wonder that he has earned a net worth of $1.5 million already in his mid twenties. He is sure to be a multi millionaire by the time he reaches the age of 30 at the rate his career graph is slated to be.

London on da Track has attributed the secret of his success to research. In an interview to XXL magazine, he revealed that he used to do extensive before he even went to the studio to produce his beats. He states that he used to listen to all their records, every single song and then, he comes up with what exactly they are looking for. In his own words, “Every time I present a song to an artist, it’s post-production. It’s not an unfinished version of my beat.” This is how he differs from a beat-maker. He does his work methodically and aims for perfection.

He is also grateful to Young Thug for giving him the opportunity for making it big. This shows the kind of person London is. He has never forgotten the path he came through.

This music producer London on da Track as a long way to go. He has definitely arrived. There was a point of time in late 2014 when he had three of his songs on the Billboard Hot 100 – “Lifestyle” ,“About the Money” and “Hookah” and at the same time. It is no exaggeration to say that he one of the most famous and sought after music producers in recent times.