LoLa Monroe Net Worth 2019

Who is LoLa Monroe and what is her net worth 2019? Lola Maria Monroe is an American hip hop artist who is best known for her performance as well as modelling. Lola Monroe’s last name was inspired by the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe. She is better known as Lola Monroe but her real name is Fershgenet Melaku, which has a special meaning. Fershgenet means fruit of Zion and Melaku means messenger of God. She started her career at a very early age of 12. At first, she started out with writing poems as well as songs. She is also a world famous female rapper.

Early Life

Lola Monroe was born on 25th October 1986 in Addis, Ababa located in Ethiopia to Camila Monroe and George Monroe. At first, her father worked for an insurance company and then he worked as a computer technician at the firm. Lola’s mother was a housewife. This hip hop artist was elevated in Washington D.C’s Garfield Terrace. Lola used music as a form of expression, just for her self-breakout. She has two siblings older Joelle and Jeslyn. Jeslyn is a real estate broker. Lola was married to Enrique Felipe. And after that, she has a one-year relationship with J. Roc, who is a music producer.

LoLa Monroe Net Worth

Education: Lola attended the Preston High School in her childhood and she spent her entire academic sphere in this Catholic school. She learned gymnastics in school. Lola also ran track on a national level and was selected as a member of her school’s softball team. Rather than academic qualities, Lola proved her excellence in athletics. She participated in national track championships.After her schooling, she attended in Baruch College but did not complete her degree.

Lola’s best-known mixtapes are –

Boss Bitch’s World (2009)
The Lola Monroe Chronicles: The Art of Motivation (2009)
Untouchables (2009)
BBW II: Batteries Not Included (2010)
Crown Ain’t Safe (2012)
Boss Bitch’s World 2 (2013)
Boss Bitch’s World 3 (2015)

Net Worth of LoLa Monroe

Lola Monroe is an American rapper cum singer who has a net worth of $650 thousand. Estimation of her income comes from her singing and modelling career. She met Mike, who was a photographer, in 2006 and started her modelling career working for some urban magazines. Lola’s model name was Angel Lola Luv. She also worked for Black Men Magazine and Smooth Girl Magazine. This Ethiopian model started her career at a very early stage. She became a star in 2009.

When Lola was born she lived with her family in a small apartment in Addis. After a long time, they were able to purchase a house in that city. Lola moved to Washington D.C and raised there. Lola Monroe owns several luxurious apartments and commercial properties. Basically, she is an inhabitant of Ethiopia. She resides with her family in Addis, Ababa. Unlike many celebrities, she is the owner of luxuries cars.

Primarily Lola has worked with the companies in the Miss V family. She also worked with Style Elite Talent Agency as a model.She was launched to top female rap artists and appeared in so many videos. Mike & Michelle Booking Agency booked Lola for her steady appearances worldwide as well as organised her outings.

The main focus point of MiSS V INC are the branding services provided to Lola. These cracks were critical to her transition from a model to a renowned artist.Lola was the first female rapper to be international from Washington D.C. who became the founder of her own label company, Blue Rose Entertainment. Till now she has released four mixtapes.

Lola Monroe is openly a model for women power because she is also a humanitarian, entrepreneur, and advocate for LGBT rights. In 2007 Monroe decided and officially retired from being a model.Then her career took a turn and she became a hip-hop creator. While she was in school she wanted to be a popular film star. Other than these Lola is an active philanthropist.