Lil Wyte Net Worth 2019

Who is Lil Wyte and what is his net worth 2019? Born on October 6th 1982 his real name is Patrick Lanshaw. Lil Wyte is an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. He is part of a rap group Hypnotise Minds, though he now owns a label named after himself called Wyte music.

Early Life

His early life being in Frayser, he discovered about his rapping talent at an early age as he use to sing Sir Mix-a-lot entire rap song ‘ baby got back’ all by himself. He use to take part in the school level rap battles like when he was in high school he attended his first freestyle rap battle when he was in ninth grade. He with his friend Lil Black use to compose songs and sing it.

Lil Wyte Net Worth

Being a sensitive and emotional person to core Lil Wyte did leave a lot of opportunities like once he gave up writing the song ‘it’s hard out here for a pimp’ as he could not agree to the idea of more than one woman in life.

Lil Wyte is also accused of drug abuse. It is being reported that he took three strains of Marijuana to create his own strain of medical cannabis called Og Wyte kush. He got arrested in 2012 for having drugs and keeping it in Tennessee.

Education: He dropped out of high school due to his interest in rap music; however he completed his high school diploma from a local school at a later date.

Net Worth of Lil Wyte

The main source of income for Lil Wyte is music but he also gets revenue from his label called wyte music. He also sells a medical cannabis called OG WYTE KUSH which is allowed by the U.S. law to be sold in eleven of its states. The total net worth of Lil Wyte is estimated to be $1 million.

He made his debut with the album Doubt me now in 2003, which was followed ‘the one and only’, ‘the bad influence’, and ‘bad area representatives’. He is now planning to release his new album as of now which is termed as ‘overworked and underpaid’.

As he is about to release his new album his net worth is expected to double in the coming times. His business of medical cannabis is doing pretty good too. As the laws too are getting modified in U.S. we expect that his business will grow much well.

Nothing much is declared and available about the celebrity assets and cars which he owns. But considering as he has his own record label and his patent medical cannabis added to it his music which sells like crazy he must be having considerable amount of assets which he is hiding probably due to tax rules.

He was at the start part of a hip hop group which was an all-white group called Shelby Forest Click. He got attention of Three 6 Mafia, Juicy J, and DJ Paul through this groups homemade videos.

His debut album was however ‘doubt me now’ in 2003 which sold around 135000 copies and made him popular. In this album along with him artists like Three 6 Mafia, Frayser Boy, La Chat and Josey Scott were also featured. The album became extremely popular and had three smashing hit songs called ‘oxycontin’, ‘my smoking song’ and ‘acid’.
After this Lil Wyte signed with Asylum Records and released his second work called Phinally Phamous in 2004. This album sold approximately 230000 copies which was a record sale. He got featured in albums of DJ Kayslays and Juicy J following it.

Lil Wyte style of rap is described as quick-rapping. He makes a lyric which goes out like machine-gun kind of delivery.

He did a lot of concerts, tours and promotions after which his third album got released in 2007 called ‘the one and only’. It too featured Three 6 Mafia and Project Pat. His fourth album ‘the bad influence’ got released in 2009. His songs got good rankings in Billboard and U.S. R&B.

With a quick rapping technique he caught the attention of Three 6 Mafia soon following that there was no stopping to this white rapping artist. He has found himself a good recognition and fan followers amongst the crunk and Southern rap hardcore fans.