Lil Uzi Net Worth

Who is Lil Uzi? What is net worth of Lil Uzi? Lil Uzi Vert his real name is Symere Woods, born on 31st july 1994, in the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is a American hip hop rap artist. He is pretty much famous for his hit singles like ‘money longer’ and many mixtapes like ‘luv is rage’, ‘lil Uzi Vert vs. the World’ and ‘the perfect luv tape’. He has more than 350000 followers on sound cloud alone. Since the start of his career he is an ardent fan of Mayilyn Manson.

Nothing did we come across his early life and about the family, siblings etc about Lil Uzi Vert. Lil Uzi or Symere Woods born and bought up in north Philadelphia had a difficult childhood as his parents got separated. He then took to skating and alternative rock music of Paramore and Marilyn Manson whom he calls his inspiration for what he is now. He was from the beginning very different from the other kids of his block which explains his present stand as well.

Lil Uzi AKA Symere Woods Net Worth 2017-2018

In one of his interviews he said that he is greatly influenced by the music of Pharell Williams, Kayne West, Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne.

He is five feet seven inches in height and weighs about 154 pounds. His eyes are of black color. His zodiac sign is Leo.

His critics and contemporaries call him to be a futuristic rapper. He takes his audiences into a different state altogether.

Lil Uzi Some of His Hit Songs are:

• You was right- lil uzi vert vs. the world
• Money longer- lil uzi vert vs. the world
• Do what I want- the perfect luv tape

So far so Lil Uzi has also delivered ‘migos’ and ‘bad and boujee’ as his platinum hits. His compositions have a lot of negative response by the critics, as he makes a rapid-fire delivery especially when he is performing live.
With a career which is still less than a decade old Lil Uzi has a long way to go. He has a lot of enthusiasm and energy and a way to connect and grip his audiences.

Education: We do not have any information about his early life and education. Singing is his hobby. He likes writing songs and composing raps.

Lil Uzi AKA Symere Woods Net Worth

The American rapper song writer artist Lil Uzi net worth is estimated 3.5 million US dollar for the year 2017. He got into the hall of fame with his single ‘money longer’ and his mixtapes ‘luv is rage’ and ‘the perfect luv tape’ and ‘Lil Uzi Vert vs the world. He became fortnight famous with his song ‘bad and boujee’.

Lil Uzi Assets

He owns a multi color diamond necklace from jeweler Ben Balller which is estimated to be of hundred thousand dollars. We can well imagine his other assets details of which are unavailable.

Lil Uzi Business model

Lil Uzi works with mainly collaborating with other artist. He has collaborated with artist Lil Yachty on several projects so far.

The overnight superstar Lil Uzi is popular for his rapid rap creation and the notorious way of performance on stage. He is the artist and is quite a buzz. His smashing hit mix tape ‘luv is rage’ is added more to his popularity and followers. His style of rap is different and exclusive. He does the pop-trap rap style. Earlier this year he has released four new tracks. The tracks are on sound track for the fans to listen.

He has his own official website ‘’ which not only provides the links to his favorite compositions but also has some of merchandising stuff curetted by the artist himself.

In 2017 lil uzi has given a new challenge to the world with his ‘xo tour Llif3’ a crazy dance challenge. The song which was produced by TH-88 has got 6.64 plus million plays on the sound cloud platform. The dance challenge has become just so viral.

Lil Uzi is the child of overnight fame. He owns an exclusive and distinct style of his own which makes him all the more lovable by his followers. His beats are unique and they take you in a trance like state.