Lil Reese Net Worth 2018

Who is Lil Reese and what is his net worth 2018? Tavares Taylor popularly known as Lil Reese is an American singer and rapper. Lil Reese has been active in the music industry since 2012. He is popular for his singles “Beef” and “Us”. His popularity soared when he featured on Chief Keef’s song, “I Don’t Like”. He is signed on to Def Jam record label.

Early Life

Taylor was born on January 6, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. He dropped out of school at the age of nineteen to start his music career. The 24-year-old still resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Lil Reese Net Worth

Lil Reese is not married and it has not been revealed if he is seeing someone or not. However, he has a daughter named Aubri Taylor.


Lil Reese career began in 2012. He released two singles titled “Beef” and “Us”. The music video for the two grabbed the attention of many rap lovers. He caught the attention of producer NO I.D who helped him gain a deal with rapper Chief Keef. He was signed on to Def Jam Records with the help of producer NO I.D.

He featured in Chief Keef’s debut single titled “I Don’t Like”. This song gain popularity and hit number 73 on the Billboard top 100 and number 15 on the rap songs chart in 2012. Later, he released a mixtape also dubbed “I Don’t Like”. The mixtape had a lot of songs including “Beef”, “Nothin”, “Savage”, “Traffic” “Rap Shit”, and “We Don’t Count Money”.

Guest appearances on the mixtape include Freddie Gibbs, Chief Keef, Hell Rell, and Johnny May Cash. He released a second mixed tape titled “Supa savage” on September 2, 2013. Tracks on the new mixtape included “We Won’t Stop”, “Money Stackin”, “Waddam”, “Relate”, “Team”, and “I Need That”. This mixed tape also featured Lil Durk, Wale, Fredo Santana and Wacka Flocka Flame.

In 2014, Lil Reese teamed up with Young Chop and Chief Keef to release a single titled “Bang Like Chop”. In that same year, he released a third mixtape titled “Supa Savage 2”. “Supa Savage 2” also featured Young scooter, Chief Keef, Jim Jones, and Young Durk. It has 15 tracks including “Lil Reese so Fast”, “You Know How We Play”, “Change Up”, “That’s what’s Up”, and “All That Haten”,

Lil Reese released other mixtapes including “300 Degrees” and “Supa Vultures”. His latest mixtape was released in 2016. This is titled “Savagery”. Savagery has 25 tracks including “You Know How We Play”, “Change Up”, “My Self” and “Irrelevant”.

Net Worth of Lil Reese

Lil Reese makes money from several other sources by including google ads, and YouTube. His net worth is estimated to $600 thousand. All his income sources are related to his music career

Lil Reese was given a 2-year probation for burglary when he was 17 years old. Unfortunately, he was arrested again in 2012 when a video of him assaulting a lady surfaced on the internet. In 2013, he was again arrested and charged with car theft. He was released but a month later, he was arrested again for possessing marijuana.

Lil Reese has made a name for himself with his rap songs however, he has also gained negative popularity as a result of his numerous criminal charges. According to him, he was just a bad kid doing all kinds of things.