Lil Niqo Net Worth

Who is Lil Niqo? What is net worth of Lil Niqo? Lil Niqo is a young American artist and blessed with loads of talent. Endowed with swag and hip hop style, this 17 years artist is a rapper by profession and deadly ruling the heart of today’s youngsters. He was born in San Deigo, California on 23rd November, 1999. Though he is popularly known as Lil Niqol but his former name or say his birth name is Niqole Heard. Lil is entirely his momma’s boy. His mother Niqole Hard manages his work.

At a very young age of seven, Lil Niqo started rapping. With lots of convincing and ardency to his mother he got the permission to participate in second grade talent show. His performance was appreciated and applauded by all. It was at that very jiffy, he realized his interest in taking his career as a rapper. He performed for several community clubs and events and gathered an ample amount of fan following.

Lil Niqo Net Worth 2017-2018

It was then his management team contacted their college friend Kevin Wales, the CEO of Worldwide Entertainment to amplify their work over the boundaries of hometown. Listening to the performance Kevin offered him a production deal. It was then he signed up contract with Worldwide Entertainment and met with Bu Thiam, the CEO of BuVision/Def Jam VP. Later he went to New York to showcase for music and Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid. Impressed with his talent then, he was selected for Def Jam.

Adhering himself with the leading Label, Def Jam was not only a boon to Niqo but also created a history by signing the youngest artist at the age of ten. Later in 2011, Lil Niqo collaborated with DJ Khaled and made his debut as a rapper with the song OK Then. The song roped big success scripts for Lil Niqo. Back in 2012 it was his song Television Love became major hit and earned great prosperity and fame for Niqo.

Thereafter, he also initiated link with BET (Black Entertainment Television) and co- hosted 106 & Park. In addition to this he hosted red carpet for many award shows like Black Girls Rock, Soul Train and the biggest award show for the music Grammy’s. Consecutively for three years he was the only correspondent for Small Talk as well. In 2012, he also performed of Young Capher.

At the age of 15, he competed in The Rap Game but lost the winner tag with Miss Mulatto. He also made his acting debut on FOX Series, The Finder. Later he also worked with other big names like Akon, super producers The Runners and Bei Maejor.

Lil Niqo at this very young age has overtaken the love and heart of the audience on all the social networking platforms. His songs are worthy enough pull the audience and a whopping fan following. He has got more than forty thousand followers in Twitter and one hundred and eighty one thousand followers on Instagram. The young generation is all gaga over this hip hop teen star.

Top Songs-

• Television Love(2012)
• OK Then(2011)
• The Yert Man (Feat. Sy Ari Da Kid) [Produced by Southside]
• Chuck Ts (Feat. Cali Swag District) [Prod. By Lone Starr]
• Mood Swing [Prod. By Sy Ari Da Kid]
• Ok Then (Feat. DJ Khaled) [Prod. By Sy Ari Da Kid]
• Niqo Nation [Interlude]
• Bill Gates
• A In This Here [Prod. By FKI]
• Television Love [Prod. By Super Miles]
• Say So(2014)
• That’s How I Feel
• I know (2016)
• Tough on the internet(2016)
• Making plans(2016)
• The truth(2016)
• Really Real(2017)
• Crush(2017)


1. Television Love released on 17th July, 2012 under the label Def Jam.
2. Neva Stop feat. Glasses Malone released on 1st January, 2009 under the label Niq of time.

Just for a glance enlisting few facts about Niqo-

• His hobbies include skateboarding, riding his bike and playing video games.
• He also possesses an app of his own to chat with his fan at leisure time.
• Since his early age he is inspired by Tupac, Biggie, A Tribe Called Quest, Jay-Z and Drake.
• His song, The Truth was used as a part of ESPN’s First Take marketing in June, 2016.

Lil Niqo Net Worth

The net worth of Lil Niqo according to 2017 is $1.2 million US dollar. Hope he makes more money and prosperity in the future.

Being a young rapper and lyricist, Lil Niqo is a hard working student too. He manages his academics and work very smartly. Initially he had problems in managing the same since his priorities were not ordered and his grades were not proper. Later he placed the things in order. He does his studying and homework during studio time and never misses it. Must say great going Yo Lil Niqo.

Niqo’s new release that is Crush and Really Real songs of the year 2017 are receiving good responses and hits.

Lil Niqo is just an awesome and magnetic performer of now. He is an inspiration to all the young artists around the world. Undoubtedly being most precious asset to the music world this pint- sized artist is full with confident that can blow the mind of anyone. Best wishes for his career ahead.