King Lil G Net Worth 2019

Who is King Lil G? What is net worth of King Lil G? Being one of the several famous Mexican rappers, King Lil G is one rapper who stands apart due to his unique lyricism and rapping style. He is also a very good father and dotes on his son Daniel. In one interview, he even said that his son was learning from him and rapped a verse King Lil G was struggling with, effortlessly. We may all know him as Lil king G but he was born as Alex Gonzalez and was raised in the Compton. He took a stand against Donald Trump’s claim that Mexicans and blacks do not get along with each other by talking out in favor of his neighbours.

Early Life

Alex Gonzalez was born on July the 30th in the year 1986 in Inglewood, Los Angeles. He was raised in Inglewood, Los Angeles which is in California along with two older brothers by his single Mexican mother. The suburbs he grew in had a large population of African Americans and Mexican immigrants and produced some of the rapping industry’s greatest names. From a very young age, Alex was greatly influenced by popular rappers like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg and there began his love and passion for rapping and he later sought to make a career out of it.

King Lil G Net Worth

When he was very young, his older brother was arrested for attempted murder and sentenced to 32 years in prison. This was when King Lil G realized that this world would not be kind to his people and so he decided to take a stand. He was also heavily influenced by his grandmother who encouraged him to always be outspoken and thus developed Alex’s drive to make a stand for his people. Since Alex wanted to make a name for himself in music, he sought to bring change and educate people about the hardships of life through his songs and he succeeded!


This Latino discovered his love for songwriting and being a lyricist when he was arrested and kept under house arrest for some days. He was also put in juvie for some days but he used his time at a prison to write songs and develop his rapping abilities. After his brother was sentenced to 32 years in jail for attempted murder, Alex decided that he was going to lay off of the illegal activities he was doing and focus on making money legally. As he was already interested in music, he decided to invest in music and released a couple of mixtapes before 2010 which was when his career in music officially kicked off.

He is best known for his release of Blue Devil Part 2 which he released in the year 2012. By this time he had established a fan base for himself in Los Angeles alongside Kendrick Lamar and a few others. What was unique with these rappers is that they discouraged the illegal activities done in the hood but did not demonize gang culture at the same time. Alex had many popular releases after that but did not accept even a single offer from record companies and instead decided to go it himself.

Net Worth of King Lil G

Even though Alex has had quite a few run-ins with the law, it has not deterred him from becoming a popular hip hop artist and a rapper. He has struggled hard to come up with popularity among the hugely famous rappers dominating the industry and one could say he is slowly achieving this dream. As of 2017, King Lil G net worth stood at $800 thousand which are huge considering that Alex does not have a manager and is not part of any record companies. He has had to depend on his grassroots and neighbourhood fan base to achieve this level of popularity. Alex also runs a successful line of clothing called Sucios which includes branded products and some women’s clothing as well. All of this helped him have such a net worth.

King Lil G has a unique style of rapping wherein he incorporates his life story into the verses and teaches his fans what is right and what is wrong without blaming or accusing anybody. He is truly a person to whom one can look up to and is a great rapper too. He is an inspiriting to aspiring rappers and showed the music industry how powerful music was!