Lil Flip Net Worth 2018

Who is Lil Flip and what is his net worth 2018? The “Sunshine” star Wesley Eric Weston Jr. is better identified by his stage name Lil’ Flip. He is an international rapper and Hip Hop artist from Cloverland, Houston, Texas, America. He is also one of the leading record producers. The singles “The way we Ball” “Game Over” are the best hits of him. These hit scores made him so much popular among the audience worldwide mostly among the young stars. This rapper started his musical journey as freestyle and later on, he has shifted to rapping after earning a record deal with the Suckafree Records in 1999.

Early Life

This young rapper was born on 3rd March 1981. He is 36 years old as of now. He was interested in music from his childhood. When he was a teenager, just 19, Lil’ Flip has already released his first independent album “The Leprechaun” which was considered as a hit. In his personal life, he has entered into multiple relationships. He has a daughter and a son from his earlier relations.

Lil Flip Net Worth


His first album caught the attention of DJ Screw and he signed Lil’ Flip for his rap group named “Screwed up Click”. From that time he has been started to address as “The Freestyle King”.

“Underground Legend” was his second album which was a massive hit in US. The single “The way we Ball” is from that album. After that, he started work for a number of singles like “Like a Pimp”, “Tear it up”, “Ridin’ Spinners” and many more. Some of them are bang on hits. “U Gotta feel me” – his third album is the biggest hit among all. His second single “Sunshine” was an exceptional hit number. 198,000 copies were sold in the first week and on August 2004; it was announced as the double platinum. Lil’ Flip also performed with other international stars like Beyonce, Nelly, Jim Jones and others.

Lil’ Flip has created a record label in 2004 at Huston, Texas. “Clover G records” or “Clover G La Familia” is the name of this record label. Warner Bros. was its distributor in 2007-2008. Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Crunk genres are performed by this label.

This American rapper is also famous for his designing skills. He has introduced a shoe line (“Clover Footwear”) and a clothing fashion (“Clover G Clothing”) in 2004. Both are branded off his own record label.

Lil’ Flip has released his book named “Don’t Let the Music industry Fool you!”. It was released with a soundtrack album. Actually, he is a versatile personality according to the facts we have found about him.

Net Worth of Lil Flip

This American rapper is a millionaire according to the research of the magazines and journalists. Lil’ Flip net worth is $5 million. All of his albums and singles which are massive hits helped him to earn this much of money. This Freestyle king has made an exceptional debut and is capable to hold this stardom and popularity till now.

Wesley Eric Weston Jr. is a star from his teenage time. All of his rap and singles has made him this kind of celebrity. In spite of the survivor of so many controversies, he has maintained a stable position in the musical world.