Lil’ Fizz Net Worth

Who Is Lil’ Fizz and what is his net worth 2018? Dreux Pierre Frédéric or Lil’ Fizz is an American rapper known as the youngest member of a boy band named “B2K” which stands for “Boys of the New Millennium”. He was born in the mid-’80s in New Orleans, Louisiana and later moved to L. A. in order to pursue his career in music. Since then, he became a record producer and television personality. He was in love with Moniece Slaughter and from their romantic life; she became pregnant for the first time and finally gave a birth to their first child Kameron David Frédéric in 2010. Now, he is a single, however, he had to struggle a lot in order to obtain the custody of his child. Also, Lil’ Fizz has a sister named Brooke.

He became interested in music since he was a boy, and with an increase of his height and age, he began to search for a musical career. He ended up in American R&B boy band B2K. After the second album called “Santa Hooked Me Up”, released on 29th October 2002 they became viral, however, the attention was on the young and talented musician called Lil’ Fizz.

Lil’ Fizz Net Worth

Within a short period of time, they released four albums and in 2004 band disbanded. That was the moment when he went to pursue his solo career. He has been active as an actor and television personality since 2002 and in 2004 he appeared in the movie “You Got Served”.

Lil’ Fizz Net Worth

Lil’ Fizz is an American rapper who has a net worth of $2.2 million. After he began an independent rapping career he released his debut album “Payday”. He reconnected with members of B2K and business manager Damuer Leffridge in order to launch Popular Entertainment record label. Afterward, he released 5-song EP on iTunes called “Night Life”.

When he became a solo artist he bought three cars and a condo without any financial safety which led him to different bankruptcy problems. However, he was also sued because of marijuana so he had to pay more than one million dollars in order to release him from charges. It was also stated that the B2K producer Chris Stokes molested him and caused him to quit the group B2K. Even though, he was a mainstream artist it was a problematic to succeed in a solo career. So he had to take step by step into a game, however, his expenses were the same as before, which caused him to sign bankruptcy check.

In March 2014 he filled a bankruptcy check where he claimed that he only had $4,000 in assets and more than $300,000 in liabilities. His income at that time was around $3,000 a month and his expenses were higher. He had $200,000 mortgage for his apartment in California, two thousand dollars on a credit card. Also, he bought a land rover for $45,000, and two more luxury cars that he couldn’t afford. As the part of the bankruptcy, he has lost his home and cars. Today, he is discharged from bankruptcy without any additional debt.

He has been an active television personality and worked in shows such as All That Pranksta, Taye, The Wars at Home, etc. Lil’ Fizz is also a multi-talented artist who tried his luck on the big screen in 2004 with a movie debut “You got served”. In 2009 he starred in “Steppin” and after that, he got engaged in the movie “Hype Nation 3D”.

Lil’ Fizz had in his big musical career ups and downs when we talk about his financial statement. He was born in 1985, and although he was the youngest member of B2K soon he was at a spotlight. After series of problems with his solo career and bankruptcy, he still tries to make an impression and we can expect from him to be in the spotlight for many years that will come by.

As many critics and his friends state, he is a very talented person that could become one of the major superstars in the future. His career still awaits his endeavours, and we can expect a bright and great future for him. His net worth has a long way to go.