Layzie Bone Net Worth 2018

Who is Layzie Bone and what is his net worth 2018? Layzie Bone is a name which has remarkably established himself in the world of rap music. His real name is Steven Verdell Howse and he was born on September 23, 1974, in Cleveland Ohio. He has three siblings and his family introduced him to the field of Hip Hop. His group partners are Krayzie Bone (Anthony Henderson, his childhood friend), Bizzy Bone (Bryon McCane, his friend whom he met at the age of 15) and Wish Bone (Charlie, his cousin).

Layzie is the main person to handle media affairs of Bone Thugs and Harmony group. He is a person who likes to experience new and adventurous things in life. He is sticking towards the branding of new artists with his latest endeavour.

Layzie Bone Net Worth


He has started his company and entitled it as Harmony Howse Entertainment, which is fully focusing on different concepts of bringing new talent in front of public. His company consists of all entertainment formats to deal with, such as books and its publishing, music, movies, the internet, and radio, even distribution of such concepts as well. He is well determined to lead his life in an affluent way. He wants to create different records to fulfill his dreams. He is a person who desires to flourish himself in all concepts of entertainment. He is well known for his leadership qualities as he was the only one who did a dare to form a band with his friends and cousin. He is a star of Hip Hop industry undoubtedly.

Net Worth of Layzie Bone

Layzie Bone has a net income of $5.5 million. He has earned his income and reputation as a rap artist and he is an American Hip-Hop sensation as well. He has started his career with his own Hip Hop band, which he started with his friends and cousin. Now, he has different ventures related to the entertainment industry. He made music a way to accomplish his dreams and also created a platform for many newcomers to perform. A stable platform is a perfect place to get related to our spectators according to him.

Layzie Bone’s Education: Layzie is a rapper and Hip Hop sensation, but there is no such description provided about his educational background. According to records, he has totally contributed himself into rapping. He has made his career in rapping and music and his fans define that he has done a detailed study in rapping as he is the master of his art.

Bone’s business format is vast, it’s spread to all parts of the entertainment industry. He has his own rapping band, with that he did many solo albums and even performances. He has his own entertainment company, which deals in distribution of each entreating sector. His company also provides a chance to new talent and introduce them in front of an audience.

All the news channels and newspapers are piled up with the news of his rapping and music, but no such information is disclosed by any source about his property. But, yes, he has his own entertainment company, where he gives chance to new talent to perform in front of the audience. His company covers all aspects of the entertainment industry.

A member as well as a leader of the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony group. He is well known for his rapping. He has done the gathering of the group as he was keenly interested in rapping. His desire to accomplish a band was pretty much favourable for them as they become a sensation of mid 90’s and they are still prominent in their field. They have maintained a balance in their professional and personal life, due to which he is able to form a band which can perform well in all situations.