KRS One Net Worth

KRS One is a renowned, Jamaican descent, American rapper, music recording artist, and producer. He started his career in music with a production house Boogie Down and the album “Criminal Minded”. Both have earned him accolades. Since then he has made a great contribution to the hip-hop and rap music. His active participation in the music industry has made him amass net worth of $7 million US dollars.

KRS One or Lawrence Krisna Parker was born in Bronx (New York), on 20th August 1965. He began to draw inclination towards music at very early age. He was so passionate about music that he left his home when he was sixteen to pursue the career in music.

KRS One Net Worth 2017-2018

KRS One has always kept his personal life, personal. There is a lot known about is the career but very less known about his personal life. As per the records, he was married to Ms. Melodie in July 1987. The two were blessed with a child, whom they named Randy Hubbard Parker. However, the two soon divorced in 1992.

KRS One career started when he shared his dream and passion for music with Scott Sterling (La Rock). The two with the common interest formed Boogie Down Production with a shifting membership of which D-Nice, was also part of. Their debut album was released in 1987 with the title “Criminal Minds”. It was a big hit. Unfortunately, soon Scott was shot dead, and KRS One had to solely handle the production house.

Under the production house, he released six group studio albums that include chartbusters like “Edutainment” and “Sex and Violence”. He also released fourteen solo albums, of which “Return of the Boom Bap”( 1993) “I Got Next”, “Kristyles”, and “Keep Right”, were very successful. His off-beat rap style soon became a trendsetter.

Initially, in his career, he was rejected by radio DJs Mr. Magic and Marley Marl. This does not go too well with him and through his records, “South Bronx”, “Kill That Noise”, “The Bridge Is Over”, he started ‘The Bridge Wars’. Thereafter, he also found alliance with sterling and called it “Scott La Rock and the Celebrity Three”. However, it was short lived and soon rename to “Boogie Down Productions”.

KRS One was given lifetime achievement award and I am Hip Hop award at the BET Awards in 2007. In 2008, he was nominated for Grammy award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. The following year was given ‘ Living Legend Award’ at Urban Music Awards(2009)

How much is KRS One Net Worth in 2017

KRS One with his production house has contributed enormously to the Rap music and Hip-Hop. He had always broken new grounds in music. His production house has always given break to the new artists. He has collaborated with many known singer and studios, to record some best albums. As of 2017,  He has an estimated net worth of $7 million US dollars.

KRS One is known by a lot name like “Blastmaster”, “The Teacha” and “Big Joe Krash”. Each of them reflects his persona and style. He is known to use Jamaican style and Zunguzung styles in his performances and bridging the gap between the Jamaican music and American Hip-Hop.